Astrid Bennett Guitierrez
Astrid Bennett Gutierrez

Astrid Bennett Gutierrez, MEV, is the Executive Director of Los Angeles Pregnancy Services (LAPS.) She is a member of the Missionaries of the Gospel of Life (MEV), the lay association of Priests for Life. She is also a spokesperson and Vice President for Hispanics for Life and Human Rights. Astrid is a member of the Commission for Catholic Life Issues of the Archdiocese of Los Angeles.

Astrid has appeared on Hispanic National religious and secular networks such as Univision and NBC affiliate Telemundo, sometimes debating Planned Parenthood, and is a frequent guest on Guadalupe Radio and Almavision. She has appeared in the first two seasons of EWTN’s Defending Life series in Spanish “Defendiendo la Vida.

 When majoring in European Studies at UCLA, Astrid envisioned her education would lead to a teaching career, with summers free to be spent traveling in Europe. She never imagined she would be showing up for work every day in the same impoverished, rough and tumble neighborhood she lived in as a child. “Whatever plans I thought I had for myself went out the window when my eyes were opened to the wanton taking of innocent life through abortion,” recalls Astrid. “I knew I had to get off the sidelines and do what I could to save innocent lives and provide aid and comfort to women facing crisis pregnancies.”