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Pro-life movement must ensure that all “Houses of Horror” are exposed, closed

Monday, April 29th, 2013
Kermit Gosnell's abortion clinic.

Kermit Gosnell’s abortion clinic.

The sordid tale coming to a conclusion inside the Philadelphia courtroom where abortionist Kermit Gosnell is on trial for murdering six people is as strange as the stories being written about the case.

The mainstream media ignored the trial until called out by a handful of journalists and hundreds of thousands of people on Twitter. Now even the most pro-abortion members of the media finally are paying attention to the Gosnell atrocities, but are laying the blame for his horrific alleged crimes at the feet of the pro-life movement. According to one over-reaching report, Rick Santorum is personally at fault for not knowing what went on inside the Women’s Medical Society. That claim is ridiculous. Since when does a U.S. senator at any given moment know the goings on of each any every business in his or her state? How much does N.Y Sen. Schumer know about A1 Medicine in Queens, where Alexandra Nunez died in 2010? How much does N.J. Sen. Frank Lautenberg know about Metropolitan Medical Associates in Englewood, where investigators found a rusty crochet hook and a quarter-inch of dirt on the floor in 2007?

Pro-lifers, the new narrative goes, should have known what Gosnell was up to because they have had a steady presence outside what the Philadelphia District Attorney’s office has described as a “house of horrors.” They should have gotten the inside scoop from the women coming out of the clinic. They should have reported what they knew.

Anyone who has spent time doing sidewalk counseling outside a clinic knows that a woman who has just had an abortion is not going to stop to talk. Once she walks out those doors, she’s already headed into an ironclad denial that can last for years, decades even. Those lucky enough to walk out of Gosnell’s clinic likely were in shock as well.

Also, as the Grand Jury report makes absolutely clear, Gosnell’s patients, former employees and many others did try to report what they saw and heard, but Pennsylvania wasn’t listening. According to the Grand Jury report, “We think the reason no one acted is because the women in question were poor and of color, because the victims were infants without identities, and because the subject was the political football of abortion.”

Pro-aborts also are claiming that pro-lifers’ insistence on clinic regulations and oversight is forcing facilities out of business and leaving women with fewer – and poorer — choices. The truth is that no Pennsylvania clinics closed after new regulations went into effect last summer as a result of the Gosnell mess, but most of them did have to spend money on renovations and new equipment purchases to bring them up to par with other ambulatory surgical facilities. The fact that clinics were unlicensed, uninspected and staffed with untrained people until 2012 is the fault of pro-abortion ideologues, as the Grand Jury report makes absolutely clear.

“..  the Pennsylvania Department of Health abruptly decided, for political reasons, to stop inspecting abortion clinics at all. The politics in question were not anti-abortion, but pro. With the change of administration from Governor [Bob] Casey to Governor [Tom] Ridge, officials concluded that inspections would be “putting a barrier up to women” seeking abortions. Better to leave clinics to do as they pleased, even though, as Gosnell proved, that meant both women and babies would pay.”

Clinic regulations are opposed by NARAL, Planned Parenthood and other pro-abortion groups wherever and whenever they are proposed because they know that many facilities would not be able to pass inspection. Think about that for a minute; they put women’s lives at risk in sub-par facilities for the sake of keeping abortion widely accessible. The laws in most states protect animals in veterinary clinics while women are left to abortion clinics with little or no regulations.

In addition, even when there are some regulations the problem is that federal, state and local governments fail to enforce the regulations until you have a “House of Horrors” finally uncovered!

Make no mistake, there are other abortionists working in conditions that are just as appalling, and babies born alive being murdered like those whose “fetal demise” Gosnell is accused of ensuring, despite clinic regulations and laws like the federal Infants Born Alive Act, which spells out in no uncertain terms that a “fetus” who survives an abortion is an American citizen with the same rights, and expectation of live-saving care, as you and I.

What’s missing across the board, from clinic oversight to infants born alive to hazardous waste disposal, is enforcement. Gosnell could not have gotten away with what he is alleged to have done for so long if even the lackluster laws on the books were enforced. Think about it for a minute, speed limit signs would be meaningless if it weren’t for the threat of the highway patrol giving out tickets.  Laws are only as good as the government willing to enforce them.

Pro-aborts, who can’t bear to have an unkind word uttered about abortion, have an obvious reason not to insist on enforcement.  But from this moment on, we pro-lifers have to be vigilant, proactive and insistent to ensure that no one ever again suffers the fate of Karnamaya Mongar and the seven unnamed babies Gosnell is charged with killing. Never again.

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Unsafe airbags vs. unsafe abortion

Thursday, April 11th, 2013


Consumer protection is in the news today after four Japanese automakers, including Toyota and Nissan, recalled 3.4 million cars around the world because their airbags are at risk of catching fire or injuring passengers.

Product recalls were designed with consumer safety in mind. Products that cause documented harm to human beings, animals and the environment are routinely pulled from the shelves, sometimes forever. Unless the product is abortion. For 40 years, abortion has been killing, maiming, disabling and emotionally destroying not only the unborn children who are its intended targets, but also their mothers and fathers, their extended families, and society itself.

To see the whole range of destruction abortion causes, you only have to peek into a Philadelphia courtroom, where abortionist Kermit Gosnell is on trial for allegedly killing a female patient and seven children who survived late-term abortions.

In the trial that began last month, jurors have heard from former Gosnell staffers about how he treated his white patients better than the minority, destitute and immigrant women who made up the bulk of his practice. How he would routinely snip the spinal cords of babies born alive during abortion procedures that often were performed past the legal cutoff point in Pennsylvania. How he kept the feet of dead babies in jars. How he instructed down-on-their-luck, off-the-books staffers in his ghoulish techniques. How he ended the life of Karnamaya Mongar by giving her too much anesthetic and leaving her alone to die. How, after the 41-year old, diminutive woman was taken to a hospital, the abortion assembly line started right back up.

It would be horrifying enough if Gosnell’s clinic was an anomaly, but it’s not. In fact, it is much more the rule than the exception. When police were called to investigate a possible break-in at an abortion clinic in Muskegon, Mich., in January, they found blood on the floor and walls, buckets with unknown fluid in the operating room, and blood dripping from a sink in a patient room. A clinic in Birmingham was ordered closed by the health department after investigators found that, among other atrocities, untrained staffers were treating women. Recently it has become apparent that the clinic may be doing abortions again, illegally. You can find stories of clinics operating with horrific conditions, and unlicensed abortionists, all over the country.

People who support “choice” say that outlawing abortion will send women flocking to back-alley abortionists whose shoddy practices will endanger their lives. But the truth is, Roe v. Wade and pro-aborts’ insistence on unfettered access to abortion has brought the back alley to the front office. Hundreds of women (the true number is probably in the thousands) have died during legal abortions since 1973. Two of those tragic deaths have occurred within the last nine months: Tonya Reaves died after a second-trimester abortion at a Planned Parenthood in Chicago in July 2012, and Jennifer Morbelli, a New York resident, died after a 33-week abortion at the killing factory operated by LeRoy Carhart in Germantown, Md.

Isn’t it time that we take a critical look at this procedure called abortion? Isn’t it time that we acknowledge the terrible harm abortion causes to consumers who number in the millions?

Isn’t it time to recall abortion?

If you agree with me that abortion must be pulled from the shelves, please go to and sign the petition demanding a government recall.

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Judge’s ruling on morning after pill puts teenagers at risk

Friday, April 5th, 2013


A ruling from Brooklyn federal court today gives the FDA 30 days to make morning-after contraception available over the counter to girls of all ages.

 This ruling is misguided on so many levels.

It is yet another assault on parental rights. Laws that prevent school officials from giving a Tylenol to a teen with a headache without a parent’s say-so are thrown out the window whenever contraception and abortion come into play. This ruling solidifies the “progressive” belief that where teenage sexuality is concerned, parents have no business getting involved.

It is bad medicine. Teenage girls whose main concern is hiding their sexual activity from their parents might not know how Plan B or its generics will affect their personal health. Heck, the makers of Plan B don’t even know. No studies have been done to see how it would impact those with liver or kidney diseases and no studies have been done to determine overdose levels. Many teenage and pre-teen girls haven’t hit 100 pounds yet and many have no idea about their medical history. This is a powerful and dangerous drug and even its manufacturer has no clear idea how it works.

It leaves teenagers at risk of ectopic pregnancy. The drug comes with warnings that those who have severe abdominal pain should see a doctor to see if they are in fact experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. But keep in mind, this is the same pre-teen or teenage girl who chose to have sex – or was convinced or coerced – who is turning to Plan B to escape any consequences that might follow that bad decision. Is it logical to think that same girl is going to turn herself in, so to speak, to her parents and doctor? Teens are experts at denying reality. This decision is deadly.

It is yet another boon for boys. Instead of teaching boys and young men to respect women, to understand that “No” means “No,” we are telling them that actions no longer have consequences, that whatever has been done can be undone. Will this ruling lead to more date rape? I think it will.

Even the pro-contraception, pro-abortion Obama administration recognizes that giving Plan B to young teenagers and pre-teens is a bad idea. In 2011, the administration overruled an FDA recommendation to make morning-after contraception without a prescription available for all ages. Maybe President Obama shudders at the thought of his 12-year-old daughter Sasha walking into a pharmacy and coming out with a carcinogenic drug.

But Sasha has the Secret Service protecting her from the dangerous mistakes of pre-adolescence. The rest of our girls are on their own.

To learn more about the health dangers of contraceptive and abortifacient drugs, read my book, “Recall Abortion.” Go to to order.

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