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Shame on you, California

Thursday, October 10th, 2013

California Assemblywoman Toni Atkins

California Assemblywoman Toni Atkins

Midwives, physician assistants and nurse practitioners will now be able to legally perform first-trimester abortions in California, and the former employer of the assemblywoman who introduced the bill stands to make a killing.

Of course they are already killing unborn children at Womancare in San Diego, where California Assemblywoman Toni Atkins was once the director of clinical services. Just think how much less WomanCare, and Planned Parenthood and every other abortion provider will have to pay their abortionists now that they won’t have to have that costly MD after their names. What a windfall!

Abortion is much less about ideology than it is about profit, at least at the provider level. This new California law — and another that lowers the standards abortion facilities have to maintain – are all about profit at the expense, once again, of women’s health. We are being asked to believe that women in rural California had to travel over the river and through the woods to reach the door of an abortion clinic and wait who knows how long before they could get an appointment. But the California Catholic Conference showed what a lie that was as it lobbied, unsuccessfully, against the new law. While it’s true that 22 percent of California counties do not have an abortion clinic, a conference study showed that only 1 percent of the state’s women live in those counties. Also, consider this: Californians make up 12 percent of the nation’s population, but the state commits 29 percent of the country’s abortions. Volunteers for the Catholic Conference who called the clinics pretending to need appointments for first-trimester abortions had no trouble securing a slot to have their unborn children murdered. Thank goodness, no real children were harmed during this survey.

What the California Catholic Conference proved was that access to abortion is clearly not an issue in the Golden State. What is at issue, although you won’t read about it so much in the mainstream media, is the health of low-income and minority women. You can bet that well-heeled women will still seek the services of a qualified physician for their abortions. But women with less disposable income will likely be the ones seeking the services of a physician assistant who has taken a special eight-week course in the gruesome science of killing the unborn. It’s not hard to predict the outcome: More cervical lacerations, more uterine perforations, more bleeding, more compromised fertility, more death.

California has been home to some very unscrupulous abortion providers in the past. As I wrote about in my book, “Recall Abortion,” Bertha Bugarin owned a chain of clinics that employed a rogue’s gallery of drug addicted and alcoholic doctors to perform abortions. And when they failed to show up for work, she did the abortions herself, even though she had no medical training. She was sent to prison on several felony charges, but guess what? She secured an early release and she’s back living a life of luxury in her multimillion dollar house, paid for with blood money.

Bertha Bugarin or those like her will make huge piles of money from California’s new law, while women and their unborn children suffer and die.

Shame on California.

If you agree that it’s time we stop passing laws to line the pockets of abortionists, go to RecallAbortion and sign the petition to get this harmful procedure off the market once and for all.

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Legal? Yes. Safe? Not!

Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
Abortionist Reginald Sharpe

Abortionist Reginald Sharpe

Two abortion clinics in Michigan closed this past spring and the abortionist who ran them, who was facing charges of killing a woman in a botched abortion, declared bankruptcy.

But that didn’t keep Reginald Sharpe from continuing to endanger women and kill babies. Yesterday, while he was on duty at Summit Medical Center in Detroit, an ambulance was called to rush a woman to the hospital.

Pro-life activists outside the facility told Operation Rescue that the woman was in obvious distress. This incident mirrors another in March of this year, when another woman in Sharpe’s “care” was rushed from the clinic in an ambulance after a second-trimester abortion.

Sharpe has been on pro-life organizations’ radar for quite some time. Operation Rescue, Jill Stanek, LifeNews and others have written extensively on him, including this piece Ms. Stanek wrote that was published on LifeNews on March 26:

“As many abortionists are found to be over the course of time, abortionist Reginald Sharpe is a menace to society.
The rap sheet against Sharpe is long.
Sharpe’s medical license was placed on probation in 1998 for illegally administering drugs and was suspended in 2005 after he botched an illegal 27-week abortion. Sharpe was busted in 2008 for illegally dumping patient records, aborted babies, medical waste, and syringes. In 2010 Medicaid revoked Sharpe’s certification for unspecified “fraud and abuse, false billing, or kickbacks.”
In addition, Sharpe has been sued at least five times:
• March 2006: Sharpe/Northland Family Planning abortion clinic paid a $50,000 settlement for failure to diagnose an ectopic pregnancy, which led to the loss of a fallopian tube.
• January 2009: Sharpe sued for committing an abortion without the mother’s consent. Case is on appeal.
• April 2011: Sharpe sued by the family of a woman who died following an abortion, for perforating her uterus and lacerating a uterine blood vessel, intestines, and liver.
• August 2012: After missing an ectopic pregnancy during an abortion on April 2011, Sharpe sued after the mother’s fallopian tube burst.
• August 2012: Sharpe sued for an August 2011 botched abortion after leaving a baby’s head inside a mother’s uterus and fetal parts floating in her abdomen as well as puncturing her uterus at least seven times.”

And yet there he was yesterday at Summit Medical Center, performing an abortion on a woman who probably had no idea what sort of “doctor” she had chosen to end the life of her child.

In my book, “Recall Abortion,” I devoted a chapter to the “safety” of abortion and recount in heart-breaking detail about how many women have suffered and died from this procedure that has nothing to do with health care or with women’s rights. Every time new clinic regulations are proposed, the pro-aborts call it a war on women but let’s be honest. Isn’t abortion the real war on women? Isn’t it time to recall abortion?

To sign the petition to recall abortion or to order the book, go to

To read more about Reginald Sharpe and Summit Medical Center, go to

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