Victoria Hearst Takes A Stand For Young Girls

Victoria Hearst, granddaughter of Hearst Corporation founder William Randolph Hearst, has taken a courageous stand regarding Hearst Magazines’ Cosmopolitan.

Citing the explicit content found in the magazine, Miss Hearst has joined model Nicole Weider to petition the Federal Trade Commission to require that Cosmo be “brown-bagged” and sold to adults only.

In a press release today, Miss Hearst – the founder of Praise Him Ministry and a great friend of Priests for Life – said: “About 11 years ago, I contacted Frank Bennack and the board of the Hearst Corporation and told them that what they are publishing in Cosmopolitan magazine was pornographic. I had the support of two female psychologists and counselors who attest that this content hurts young girls. I also asked that the magazine be sold only to adults 18 and older.

“I never received a reply from anyone at the Hearst Corporation, but I had peace because I delivered the message. When I heard about Nicole’s campaign, I knew I needed to join in her mission to put Cosmopolitan in a bag and make sure that its pornographic content cannot be sold to minors!”

Ms. Weider, who founded to encourage young women to value themselves, set up a petition via demanding that Cosmopolitan be sold in a non-transparent wrapper to adults only. The petition currently has more 33,000 signatures.

“We are not asking Cosmopolitan to change their content,” Ms. Weider said. “We simply want them to take responsibility for it. They say it’s for adults, so let them sell it only to adults. This is what we are in communication with the FTC about. If they are going to print sexually explicit articles and images, it should not be marketed and sold to kids. It’s that simple.”

To view and/or sign the petition, visit: For more on the anti-Cosmo mission, go to:

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