Abortion, by any other name, is still abortion

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My colleague Marie Smith of the Parliamentary Network for Critical Issues this week brought to my attention some very disturbing news: A group of academics and researchers – whose work seems to suggest they have never met an abortion they didn’t like — is trying to drum up support and development funding for a new type of “post-fertilization contraception.” They envision a pill that women could take up to a month after an unprotected sex act resulted in pregnancy.

That’s not contraception. That’s abortion.

What these researchers laud as a potential wonder drug that “could serve more women and provide more benefit at a population level,” the rest of us recognize as another way to abort a child, with considerable risk to the mother. Imagine the hormonal horror of a pill strong enough to dislodge and kill a developing baby.

As I pointed out in the book “Recall Abortion,” the birth control pill is bad medicine, causing everything from blood clots to strokes to cancer. Emergency contraception is touted as safe as can be, but after reading patients reviews of Plan B and Ella, you don’t get such a warm and fuzzy feeling. Women talk about menstrual cycles knocked out of whack and lingering back and abdominal pain. And then there’s RU-486, whose mortality rate prompted the FDA to issue new warnings about its use even as its popularity, and profitability, grew. Make no mistake about it, RU-486 poses a great risk to women’s health.

But these hard facts aren’t enough to deter this band of population control advocates from calling for the development of yet another harmful pill. For this group, preventing birth is the ultimate and only goal.

In their article, “Embracing post-fertilisation methods of family planning: a call to action,” published in the Journal of Family Planning and Reproductive Health Care, the group helpfully notes that “A woman could potentially use a post-fertilisation method on a planned schedule only once in each menstrual cycle, no matter how many prior coital acts she had had in that cycle.” The promise of spontaneity and a complete freedom from personal responsibility is what will sell this do-it-yourself abortion, they believe. Young women and girls who have drunk the Kool-Aid of “reproductive justice” would likely be the main targets of this population control campaign.

This pill has yet to be developed, thank God, but you can be sure that if it ever comes to market, it will be very profitable for some, and very, very detrimental to many — women and children.

To read what Marie Smith wrote about “post-fertilization contraception,” click here:

To sign a petition to get abortion off the market, go to www.recallabortion.com

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  1. Krysta Rodriguez says:

    I definitely agree with you on this topic. If the “contraception” pill is suppose to work for those women after a month of unprotected sex, then that is not a contraception. This is indeed abortion. The women knows that she is pregnant or that there is a very good chance that she is pregnant, so she is going to take the pill to either stop further development of the fetus or abort the baby. Also, it is a good thing that the pill is not developed yet, because it is very dangerous to women, mentally and physically, to the body. And I also agree with you that the only thing that matters to these women, is to prevent themselves from delivering a child, so no matter how harmful the pill is, they will still take it. I think that there should be a law created that prevents women in the United Sates from getting abortions. I personally believe that abortion is morally and ethically wrong, and it needs to stop. Thank you.

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