Abortion Is Not Healthcare…..

This morning in the news (http://www.newsworks.org/index.php/health-science/item/28476-pa-lawmakers-expected-to-consider-tougher-regulation-of-abortion-clinics) I read that in Pennsylvania, the House is considering a bill that would require abortion clinics to operate under the same regulations as ambulatory surgical centers.  Now most people would say, aren’t they already required to meet certain standards?  The answer is NO!

 Abortion, the most common surgical procedure performed on women in the USA, is also the most unregulated.

Think about it:  You go to the doctor and find out you need minor surgery for, let’s say, a torn meniscus.  What happens next?  Well, the doctor explains the procedure in detail and tells you what to expect as you recuperate.  He or she then sends you to the hospital about a week before the procedure for tests like blood work, chest X-ray, etc.  The day of your surgery, you report to the ambulatory surgical center and meet with the doctor and the anesthesiologist.  After your surgery, the doctor speaks to you or a family member, and then you are scheduled for a follow-up visit.

This is just standard care, but it is NOT what happens in an abortion clinic, where women usually do not see the doctor until they are on the table, feet in the stirrups!  The doctor performing the abortion doesn’t have to be a specialist in OB/GYN. In fact, many of these abortion doctors have lost their licenses in other states.  After the procedure, the women never see the doctor again. Oh, and there is no anesthesiologist.

It seems that most people would say abortion clinics should have to meet the same standards as any other ambulatory surgical center.  Then why is it that the abortion supporters, like N.O.W. or Planned Parenthood, just to name a few, fight any suggestion to regulate abortion clinics.  They claim to be concerned about women’s health, so why fight efforts to clean up the act of these abortion clinics?  They claim it will limit access to abortion, which is nonsense.  What these regulations will do is require these clinics to get their act together and provide better care for women.

In many states, there are laws on the books for veterinary clinics that require a certain standard of care for our pets, yet abortion gets a free pass.

Think about it.

3 Responses to “Abortion Is Not Healthcare…..”

  1. mssilovejesus says:

    Excellent Blog! Abortion is not health care. Our cowardly leaders
    and reps know that, we need to get stronger leaders in our govt.
    God bless all of you!

  2. Rachel James says:

    They’re just as bad as the backstreet butchers in the olden days, and yet they claim making abortion legal is so that women dont have to face the unsanitary conditions of the backstreet quacks when they want an abortion. Whats the difference? Zero, it seems to me. They dont care about the women at all, all they care about is taking their money and gaining a sense of self gratification when they play God with a life. Here in the UK they considered making it legal for a woman to buy an abortion pill from the chemists over the counter then just go home, take the pill and have the abortion with no supervision or aftercare, despite the evidence of mental health issues when suffering post abortion symtoms. They just dont care. All they want is more abortions, more quickly, which means more money. To my great shame I dont know whats happening whith that, but I pray to God most women will have the sense not to go down that route, or any other route which will lead to them having their babies being taken from them so horribly.

  3. O Hope Jerio says:

    You’ve made it obvious to me that only evildoers provide abortions, who don’t care about the health of the mother. There are no good doctors providing safe abortions. Good doctors won’t do abortions. It’s now obvious that back alley abortions weren’t any more dangerous than modern abortions since only evildoers would kill babies and only because evildoers are money motivated. Profit motive is the root of all evil.

    Abortion is child abuse.

    Adoption should include the birth mother. Open adoptions include entire families, so the child, far from unwanted, has extra parents and grandparents and aunts and uncles and cousins. People who demand a closed adoption are trying to buy a baby, not respectful of life and love. A baby knows his mother’s voice, and the voices of her associates, and will grieve at the loss, a terrible loss. If you care about the baby, care for his mother and other relatives. Please.

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