All Eyes Are on Texas

Pro-lifers pray in Austin as the Texas Legislature votes on new abortion laws this past summer.

Pro-lifers pray in Austin as the Texas Legislature votes on new abortion laws this past summer.

It’s been a crazy week in Texas but as of today, people who care about women and children are winning.

A federal judge this week blocked enforcement of some of the new abortion laws that were passed during a tempestuous special session of the Texas Legislature over the summer. Yesterday, a three-judge panel of the 5th Circuit Court of Appeals ruled that the laws can be enacted as scheduled while suits brought against them by Planned Parenthood and other abortion profiteers make their way through the courts.

At issue is whether Texas can legally require all abortionists to have admitting privileges at hospitals near their abortion clinics, and whether RU-486 can be administered in ways not approved by the Federal Drug Administration.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Circuit Court Judge Priscilla Owen wrote in her opinion that the state was likely to prevail in restricting medication abortions, and that there was a “substantial likelihood” that the state would “prevail in its argument that Planned Parenthood failed to establish an undue burden on women seeking abortions” or that the admitting-privileges requirement was a “substantial obstacle” for them.

Take a step back from all the legal arguments about hospital admitting privileges for a minute to consider what’s being debated here. The question is, should doctors who perform abortions have to be able to do follow-up care in a hospital setting for women whose “safe” abortions left them injured or sick. My answer? Of course they should! If you had knee surgery performed by an orthopedic surgeon in an ambulatory surgery center and something went awry, you would see that same doctor in a hospital for follow-up care. It just makes sense. Would you ever choose a doctor who couldn’t get hospital admitting privileges? I sure wouldn’t and I don’t think anyone would.

In my book, “Recall Abortion,” I talked at length about how abortion differs from every other ambulatory procedure. Any other type of invasive procedure requires a prior meeting with the doctor, and possibly the anesthesiologist. Blood work, chest x-rays and other tests are routinely performed to make sure a patient is healthy enough to have the surgery. Not so with abortion. A mother shows up, pays for the abortion up front – which is in itself a departure from standard medical practice – and sees the doctor for the first time after she’s already on the exam table. Many women who are part of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign say they never even learned the doctor’s name.

Planned Parenthood, which stands to lose money if any of its clinics have to close as a result of the new law, says the admitting privileges issue will keep women in Texas from being able to access “safe” abortions. But abortionists are notorious for practicing bad medicine, often with suspended or revoked licenses. How safe can an abortion be if the physician performing it has been turned away from the local hospital?

Pro-aborts in Texas and all over the country are claiming the new laws are part of the war against women. But these laws were enacted by a democratically elected body acting on the wishes of its constituents. And the three judges on the panel that allowed the laws to take effect were all women. The war they’re waging in Texas is not a war against women, but a war against bad medicine.

The truth of the matter is that abortion is the war against women and it’s high time we get this harmful product off the market. If you agree with me, please go to to sign my petition. If you want to learn more about how abortion is harming women, please read the book.

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  1. jenny says:


    Would it be possible to have some men who aborted their unborn children, sharing their experience?

  2. Nancy Monette says:

    Your book is wonderful. Taking me a while to read it ’cause life is too busy but I think it’s the best one I’ve read thus far. Could you ever consider putting together the key bits of information and making a “lesson plan” for us laity to use with others. I think I’d also like to find a way to buy a lot of copies and drop them all over our campus. I live in Plattsburgh, NY and would like to find a way to have you up here to speak on campus if they will allow a pro-lifer to be there. This campus is so inundated with PP-hood that it’s very frightening. Our Newman Assoc. is the only inlet on campus but there are only a few students and they just don’t seem to be able to get enough students for officers for a SFL group. I’ve even invited Kristan Hawkins here and she spoke to a small group of us and then the Northeaster rep. came several times and spoke to a group of us, but nothing was able to really get off and running. Don’t know what to try next. I’m looking forward to finishing your book. Could you send me information on contacting you for a possible future date here? Thanks, Janet. Keep writing.

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