America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion




Last week, a reporter from the Daily Signal asked me to comment on a story she was writing about the use of graphic abortion images, and if they help or hurt the pro-life cause.

You can read the story here.

Some critics of the use of these images say we are traumatizing women who have had abortions, that these images act as triggers that make them relive the abortion and the powerful negative emotions that followed. If that’s true, wouldn’t seeing babies in strollers or walking down a supermarket aisle stocked with baby products also be triggers? There is no practical way for a woman who has had an abortion to stay away from all the many things that will remind her of that irrevocable decision. That is one of the ways abortion harms women.

I agree that it’s unsettling to see pictures of tiny arms and legs floating in a sea of blood. But that’s the point; we should be unsettled. This is what happens in an abortion, and abortion happens thousands of times a day in this country. Every single day.

Pro-aborts don’t want anyone to see what abortion really is, which is one of the reasons they react so strongly to graphic images. But another reason is that they know, like we do, that graphic images change minds and save lives. I know this first-hand.

I have been outside abortion clinics with people holding these signs showing the victims of abortion and I have experienced the power these images have in saving lives. One time, while holding one of the signs outside a clinic in Charlotte, N.C., I was able to stop a couple headed inside to end the life of their unborn child. It was the picture of the aborted baby that got them to stop and talk to me. I was then able to bring them to a pro-life doctor in that town and he was able to help them make a life-saving choice.

Graphic images tell the truth. Though the images we are seeing almost daily of the atrocities committed by ISIS are brutal, they help us understand what this group is and the lengths they will go to achieve their goals. They underscore the need to take action to stop this slaughter. Likewise, though the images of aborted babies are disturbing and hard to look at, they help people understand what the “right to choose” really means and how important it is to stop it.

The baby I mentioned is just one of countless children who have been saved because of the use of the pictures of aborted babies.

Remember, America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion.

9 Responses to “America will not reject abortion until America sees abortion”

  1. Judy says:

    I’m a big advocate against abortions. Every time I see an article on FB I will share and there has been a few times that it is graphic. So hard to look at but even harder to understand why people are NOT taking this serious enough. Not sure if anyone looks at it or not, have had a few likes, but nothing like I would hope. I can’t imagine our GOD not being so sad that this still goes on. I would only pray these articles would help maybe just one baby be saved.

  2. Kim Krug says:

    yes, it is too powerful to NOT do it; if people in the general public complain; let them because that’s how reality has to be face. In all truth, no matter what. I don’t hear people complaining about porn. They don’t complain when graphic images are shown to in other truths; they just don’t want to “get involved”. And that’s disgusting.

  3. Rose says:

    I agree with Judy above. Whenever I share something like this, it almost seems like it falls on deaf ears. Do we as a society just not care? How did we get to be here, and is there any hope in converting hearts? One point of encouragement for me was the number of young people at this year’s March For Life. It was my first time, and I was overwhelmed by the number of participants. Another thought I have is that God doesn’t ask us to successful. He only asks us to be faithful. I think Mother Theresa said that. So, I will continue to speak out against this horror. I may feel discouraged by the lack of response, but I know that God needs us to be his voice.

  4. Anne-Marie says:

    It is like the Concentration Camps in Nazi German—what you don’t see doesn’t effect you. The lie is the biggest coverup of the millenium, this one and the last. Publish those pics, keep talking and showing what happens when abortion is performed. And keep talking and showing some more. Like a tiny trickle of water that can take out a whole mountain. Blessings on you all.

  5. Joanne Lopez says:

    There is absolutely no reason to even consider not showing what happens to innocent babies in an abortion. We must! The gruesome horror MUST be exposed in just the same way that photos of Jewish corpses flooded the media exposing Holocaust atrocities, the same way horrific scenes of African Americans being brutally tortured, dragged, and hung were/are in media and books exposing those atrocities! THIS IS NO DIFFERENT AND MUST BE EXPOSED IN ALL ITS UTTER GRUESOMENESS to WAKE UP AMERICA TO THE HORRORS OF ABORTION SO WE CAN FINALLY PUT AN END TO THIS DISGUSTING INFANTICIDE!!!!!!

  6. Maurine Sura says:

    Seeing the horror of abortion is so shocking, but maybe that is the shock it takes to make these “pro-choice ” women open their eyes and really SEE what they are doing to their babies. Showing these pictures is not meant to be pleasant and heart warming, it is meant to prove the reality of what abortion really does to a human baby. Advocates of “my body, my choice” must see first hand that it isn’t just their bodies that are affected. A pregnant woman is unique in that she carries another life, not just her own, and that life has the same rights as she has. How can you brutally kill your own life, just for your own convenience? Show them what it really is that they are doing!

  7. I have a close relative who is very sensitive and very much pro-life. When she looks at pictures of aborted fetuses, she is moved almost to the point of tears, every time. She is very upset. While she supports life and pro-life policies, to her, “random” use of pictures in social media, appears irresponsible.

    I am similarly offended by pornographic pictures. I don’t need them nor want them.

    To those who say, “They don’t want to get involved,” I’d challenge them to find a more direct way to get involved. It’s relatively easy to protest or post pictures. It is not as easy to actually raise and take care of children and nursing women. RETWEETING, cutting and pasting, those are fingers talking. Talk is cheap and deeds are dear.

    To be safe, I’d suggest everyone keep basically doing what they are already doing. But add more action that is real action, not virtual computer graphic easy-to-do tasks. Make it real. Proceed wisely and carefully.

  8. Tom Green says:

    Here is an appropriate poem I once wrote for a writing contest. The words flowed rapidly and the subject was not preplanned by me. When I submitted it the piece was automatically titled “Untitled”. I could not have thought of a more appropriate title. Expressing pleasure’s joy…A seed of life unknown before was planted…Two come together….Mingled in a new life that was granted…Some of each…A blueprint for a possibility…But inconvenient…A child that this world shall never see…And who will speak…For this so-called unhuman blob of flesh…Will it be you….Or will you just turn away like all the rest…What does it matter…Even if this child screamed before it died…No one could hear…But, the mother’s heart can never truly hide…There were two victims…Both the child and the one who would not hold…You turn your head…Then you wonder why so much of love grows cold…Tom Green…copyright (c) 2014…….This poem is included in a recently published book of powerful and thought provoking verse titled ‘Not For Pew Warmers’ available through Tate Publishing and on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.

  9. judy luckow says:

    I am a fan of graphic images, because when I was a young widow ,someone showed me a photo of a pair of tiny feet in the hand of an adult, having been aborted such as the picture above of a tiny hand in the hand of an adult.. I NEVER FORGOT IT! It is now thirty-five years later, and I am head of missions at our church where we have been avid supporters of Human Life Services, a pro-life group who s work we support in every way possible. Their work and sacrifice saves the lives every day of innocent babies and the future of desperate and scared young mothers(and fathers), and participators like us help to save those lives. One images burned their plight into my heart forever. The more we can do to stop these brutal abortions the better.

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