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RU-486 and the return of the coat hanger

Friday, September 13th, 2013

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I’m wondering when we changed the definition of “health care” to include women and girls self-aborting at home and flushing the remains of their babies down the toilet. Isn’t RU-486 just the modern version of the coat hanger?

The use, and misuse, of RU-486 is getting a lot of pro-abortion ink these days, as the Supreme Court seems poised to hear a case from Oklahoma that could limit the way doctors prescribe the abortion drugs.

When the FDA approved the use of RU-486 in this country in 2000, the protocol called for several office visits for women planning to abort their children through a medication abortion. The first pill was given the first day, and the pill that causes contractions was given on the second visit, two or three days later. But Planned Parenthood and other providers saw the opportunity for a greater financial dividend by allowing women to take the second set of medications alone at home after receiving the first dose from a doctor. Then along came telemedicine, which allowed doctors to dispense the deadly drugs via video conference, so doctors never once examined their abortion-bound patients. Seventeen states have since banned abortion by telemedicine, and that ban is included in the Oklahoma law now in dispute.

But it’s another portion of the law that pro-aborts are concentrating on in Oklahoma. The initial FDA approval allowed the use of the drugs through seven weeks of pregnancy but doctors have decided it’s effective through nine weeks. Also, FDA approval came with a set of instructions that indicated the second dose of medication was to be swallowed, but some abortionists are telling women it is more effective if allowed to dissolve in the mouth or used as a vaginal suppository. And now it has become standard practice to send women home to take the second dose (Less mess for the clinic workers). This “off-label” use of the drug is what the Supreme Court could rule on, if it ultimately hears the case.

This week, the pro-abortion writer Emily Bazelon and the editorial board of the DesMoines Register have become cheerleaders for off-label use of RU-486, pointing out, correctly, that many drugs have turned out to be effective for things other than their originally intended purpose. But history has shown that off-label use is not always a good thing. The sleep aid Thalidomide was not intended as a treatment for morning sickness in pregnant women, and not long after it began to be prescribed off-label, an epidemic of profound and tragic birth defects resulted. More recently, Neurontin, a drug approved for the treatment of epilepsy and nerve pain, began being prescribed to bipolar patients. The drug didn’t really help and for at two patients at least, may have played a role in their suicides. Pfizer, the drug’s maker, agreed to pay a $430 million settlement to end lawsuits against it.

RU-486 has proved itself to be deadly too. Several years after approving it, the FDA took notice that it was killing some women. New labeling warnings were issued that, according to the FDA website, “were prompted by reports of serious bacterial infection, bleeding, ectopic pregnancies that have ruptured, and death… The warnings point out that serious bacterial infection and sepsis may occur without the usual signs of infection, such as fever and tenderness on examination. The warnings also caution providers that prolonged, heavy bleeding may warrant surgical intervention.”

As we wait for the Supreme Court to rule on off-label uses for RU-486, let’s hear from some women who decided that an abortion at home was the best choice for them.

At, on the Women’s Health message boards, a woman from England wrote:
“I would not recommend this to anyone. It was the most painful and traumatic experience I have ever had to go through. It was so painful and the whole process lasted about five hours and I felt like I was in labor. I was violently sick and this awful experience lives with me today. I would not recommend anyone to opt to have this done if you have the option.”

A teenager who posted at had this to say:
“I’m 16 and I too had a medical abortion. The pain that I went through after dissolving the four tablets in my cheeks was crippling and crept on me only 20 minutes after leaving the clinic. I was crawled up (sic) in a ball and rolling around on the floor. I couldn’t tell my parents because I didn’t want to explain the pregnancy.”

Another post at SteadyHealth was from a woman in her 30s who had the abortion at home with her boyfriend, a nurse. She took the first pill at an unnamed Planned Parenthood clinic:

“Exactly 25 hours after the mifepristone, I took 4 pills of misoprostol (880 mg), the prostaglandin that would start the contractions. I let the pills dissolve with some candy next to my cheeks. The 800 mg is double the amount recommended by the FDA but I was not aware of this until I did some fact-checking on PP. They prescribe a higher amount due to some inabsorption due to throwing up the pills, and to guarantee the medical dosage is high enough to prevent partial or incomplete miscarriage. I did throw up 45 minutes after the pills went into my mouth, so I hoped I got the medicine I needed. I tried taking analgesics but also threw those up soon after, so I had no choice but to endure the pain.

“Pain: Worst pain ever. No joke, no exaggeration. Awful, terrible, unquitting, terror. I don’t want to scare everyone here, but this was my experience. Some women only experience mild cramping, mine was severe. It vacillated from a 6 on the pain scale to an 8.5, never going down below a 4. This was without a break, started 45 minutes after the pills and increased to a crescendo 2 hours in. I couldn’t walk or talk. Just whimper and lay next to the toilet. Taking turns throwing up, diarrhea, and just writhing in pain. My boyfriend was at a loss of how to help me. All I could think of is will this ever end? Please just stop so I can breathe for 3 seconds! I had no energy to cry, just try to curl up and hope this will go away. I couldn’t hold down the vicodin for longer than 15 minutes so I hardly got any relief from that. I was not really bleeding at all either so all the cramping felt meaningless.”

So this is where we are today. Pro-lifers who want abortion to end are the ones insisting that until that day, women should be protected from unscrupulous practitioners and dangerous procedures, like off-label use of RU-486, and pro-choicers are the ones insisting that access to abortion “on demand and without apology” is much more important than any woman’s life.

If you stop to think about it, you’ll see that abortion turns everything upside down — the First Amendment, the Hippocratic Oath, parental rights, even common sense. But we can’t just throw up our hands and learn to live with the modern version of the coat hanger, no matter what the Supreme Court ultimately says about RU-486. We have to get rid of abortion by documenting every single instance where it proves to be a bad product, and then we have to recall it. Pull it from the shelves.

If you agree with me that we need a nationwide abortion recall, please go to and sign the petition.

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Judge’s ruling on morning after pill puts teenagers at risk

Friday, April 5th, 2013


A ruling from Brooklyn federal court today gives the FDA 30 days to make morning-after contraception available over the counter to girls of all ages.

 This ruling is misguided on so many levels.

It is yet another assault on parental rights. Laws that prevent school officials from giving a Tylenol to a teen with a headache without a parent’s say-so are thrown out the window whenever contraception and abortion come into play. This ruling solidifies the “progressive” belief that where teenage sexuality is concerned, parents have no business getting involved.

It is bad medicine. Teenage girls whose main concern is hiding their sexual activity from their parents might not know how Plan B or its generics will affect their personal health. Heck, the makers of Plan B don’t even know. No studies have been done to see how it would impact those with liver or kidney diseases and no studies have been done to determine overdose levels. Many teenage and pre-teen girls haven’t hit 100 pounds yet and many have no idea about their medical history. This is a powerful and dangerous drug and even its manufacturer has no clear idea how it works.

It leaves teenagers at risk of ectopic pregnancy. The drug comes with warnings that those who have severe abdominal pain should see a doctor to see if they are in fact experiencing an ectopic pregnancy. But keep in mind, this is the same pre-teen or teenage girl who chose to have sex – or was convinced or coerced – who is turning to Plan B to escape any consequences that might follow that bad decision. Is it logical to think that same girl is going to turn herself in, so to speak, to her parents and doctor? Teens are experts at denying reality. This decision is deadly.

It is yet another boon for boys. Instead of teaching boys and young men to respect women, to understand that “No” means “No,” we are telling them that actions no longer have consequences, that whatever has been done can be undone. Will this ruling lead to more date rape? I think it will.

Even the pro-contraception, pro-abortion Obama administration recognizes that giving Plan B to young teenagers and pre-teens is a bad idea. In 2011, the administration overruled an FDA recommendation to make morning-after contraception without a prescription available for all ages. Maybe President Obama shudders at the thought of his 12-year-old daughter Sasha walking into a pharmacy and coming out with a carcinogenic drug.

But Sasha has the Secret Service protecting her from the dangerous mistakes of pre-adolescence. The rest of our girls are on their own.

To learn more about the health dangers of contraceptive and abortifacient drugs, read my book, “Recall Abortion.” Go to to order.

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New study shows sharp spike in breast cancer in young women since 1973

Friday, March 1st, 2013

Journal-American-Medical-Association[1]Authors of a new study that shows a dramatic increase in aggressive breast cancer in young women say they can’t identify a cause.

The study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA) looked at data from 1973 to 2009 and found that the incidence of “distant disease” – which means breast cancer that spread to the bones, brain, lungs or elsewhere – increased from 1.53 women per 100,000 in 1976 to 2.90 in 2009. The increase doesn’t seem that startling by itself, but take into account that there are 62 million women of child-bearing age in the U.S. and the math becomes hard to ignore.

What could be behind this increase in breast cancer for young women? What changed in 1973 that might be a contributing factor?

Two things.

In 1972, in Eisenstadt vs. Baird, the U.S. Supreme Court made it legal for unmarried people to use contraceptives. The birth control pill already had been on the market for over a decade, and its use among young women began to grow exponentially. More than 12 million women in the U.S. currently swallow the Pill to prevent pregnancy, cure acne, relieve menstrual cramps and for a host of other reasons.

In 1999 oral contraceptives were identified as Class 1 carcinogens by the International Agency for Research on Cancer, an arm of the World Health Organization.  Following a 2005 review, the designation did not change.  Therefore, young women who have been taking the Pill for years, even decades, have been ingesting a cancer-causing agent every day. Might this be a factor in the spike in breast cancer diagnoses?

A year later, the Supreme Court made abortion in the United States legal throughout pregnancy. Today and every day, more than 3,000 women in the United States will end their pregnancies through abortion and the vast majority belongs to the demographic group identified in the JAMA study.

It was long ago accepted as gospel truth that abortion has no link to breast cancer.  That “fact” is repeated in the mainstream media over and over, as if it’s indisputable and without controversy. The reason has nothing to do with health and everything to do with the fact that in this country, no one dare speak ill of abortion.

But some breast surgeons are willing to speak the truth about the abortion breast cancer link and the Pill’s influence on breast cancer rates. In both cases, it’s all about the estrogen. An increased exposure to estrogen increases breast cancer risk, and no one disputes that. But according to Dr. Angela Lanfranchi, a breast cancer surgeon in practice since 1984, government health organizations and the mainstream media somehow manage to overlook  70 studies about induced abortion and breast cancer performed all over the world. Fifty-five of these studies show a positive correlation between abortion and breast cancer, and of those, 33 show a statistically significant increase in breast cancer risk. (Go to to learn more). Dr. Lanfranchi points out that many of the studies were performed in countries where abortion is part of public policy and information on it is readily available. In the United States, any attempt to collect information on abortion becomes a political and ideological battle. Currently, states submit abortion data voluntarily. California, the state with the most abortions, keeps its information to itself.

The new JAMA study showing dramatic increases in the deadliest cancers has to be a wake-up call to the American medical establishment. We can no longer bury our heads in the sand to avoid seeing the links between abortion, hormonal contraception and breast cancer.  Women’s lives are at stake.

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Parental rights under attack, again

Wednesday, September 26th, 2012

If you have been a parent in New York City for more than 20 years, you might remember “Heather Has Two Mommies.” That was one of the books public school children were going to be required to read in order to learn tolerance toward the homosexual lifestyle. It also marked one of the most public fights over the education system’s attempt to strip parents of their rights. Parents couldn’t be trusted to teach tolerance, the reasoning went, so teachers would do it for them. I was a public school teacher at the time, and I was among those leading the charge against that curriculum.

New York schools are at it again, but it’s worse this time. Now teenage girls in 13 high schools are being given hormonal contraceptives, by pill or injection, and morning-after pills upon request, and without the express consent of their parents. This has been going on since last year. The New York Post first reported on it this past weekend and the outrage has been growing ever since. This program, called CATCH – Connect Adolescents to Comprehensive Health Care – is wrong in so many ways that it’s hard to know where to start.

According to what’s been reported on this program, parents can opt out. But many parents — including a woman who works with me at Priests for Life and whose daughter attends one of the 13 schools — have never been told about CATCH. They missed their opportunity to opt out. If the Health Department deemed this program so vital, at the very least, parents should have the opportunity to opt in.

It would be interesting to see how many parents would opt in to a program that hands out known carcinogenic drugs to their teenagers. Birth control pills and the powerful morning-after drug are not health care by any definition. They are dangerous drugs, according to the World Health Organization and the National Institutes of Health. Do school nurses have accurate information on every student’s health history? Do they ask if a student is a smoker? Has a history of heart attack, stroke or blood clots in her family? If she has a mother or grandmother or aunt who has breast cancer? The Pill is bad for everyone, but it’s especially bad for women and girls with certain red flags in their health histories.

The aim of CATCH is to reduce the city’s teenage pregnancy and abortion numbers. Those are good goals. But what CATCH is doing to making it OK for teenagers to engage in sex, when what schools should be doing is reinforcing the message that sex in high school is not a good idea. Public schools obviously are not going to teach children religious or even moral reasons not to have sex. But if they just accurately taught about the dangers of sex, both physical and mental, many kids might get the point. Have we somehow forgotten AIDS? The message of CATCH is that sex is a good thing as long as you’re using contraception, and even if you mess up, there’s a way out. Is that what we want our teenagers to learn in school?

Schools require permission slips for everything and they won’t give a Tylenol or a Midol to a student without a parent’s say so, but school personnel in some states, including New York, can take your teenage girl for an abortion without your knowledge or consent. Obviously it doesn’t make sense, but those of us who work in pro-life are used to it. When it comes to contraception and abortion, there’s a whole different set of rules. And the people making those rules don’t have your teenager’s best interest in mind.

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The Truth Of Abortion Is In The Eye of the Beholder

Monday, July 9th, 2012

Caption: Baby at 6-weeks of development

An American photographer, who is calling herself “Jane Young”, is claiming to have taken pictures of her abortion at six weeks and posted them online. I have a few things to say about this.

By her own admission, “Jane Young” is trying to justify her decision to abort her baby by showing pictures of the jar holding the remains of her unplanned pregnancy. Is she comforted by the fact that she can’t see arms, legs, a torso, a head? Maybe she is relieved, but I don’t think she has found the comfort she sought.

In her own words Jane writes,

My intention in documenting and sharing my abortion is to demystify the sensationalist images propagated by the religious and political right on this matter. The perverse use of lifeless fetus photographs are a propaganda tool in the prolife/prochoice debate in which women and their bodies are used as pawns to push a cultural, political, and religious agenda in the United States.
At 6 weeks of pregnancy, my abortion looked very different than the images I saw when I entered the clinic that day.”

Of course Jane, the images the pro-lifers had on display were probably not of a six week aborted fetus.  My guess, they were much later in gestation. The fact being that most abortions are done at 12 weeks or later.  In fact, after your abortion, the collection jar you displayed would have been taken into another room where a clinic worker’s job would be to sift through the bloody remains to identify the parts of your baby. Hence your photo display of your abortion is not complete.  My question is why did the clinic do a surgical abortion at 6 weeks?  The usual protocol would have been an RU486 abortion.

Jane was driven by an ideological impulse to help other women who have made, or will make, the same choice, but she has not been completely honest. Most abortions are done in the first trimester, but later than six weeks. It’s actually a little unusual these days for a woman to have a surgical abortion at six weeks; usually at this stage, it’s a chemical abortion. Had Jane Young taken RU 486, she likely would have seen the fetal remains in her bathroom. Would that have been a comfort to her?  I think not.  No matter what you try to say or do, abortion is not good medicine nor good reproductive health for women.  It stops the woman’s body from doing what it is naturally supposed to do.  In fact, all surgeries help people to correct something their bodies are not doing correctly, except of course abortion.

If you want to see Jane Young’s site for yourself, go to Please think about leaving a pro-life comment there, although chances are it will never be posted.

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Where’s our money going?

Thursday, August 25th, 2011

A story on an L.A. Times blog from yesterday caught my attention: Unintended pregnancies among women below the poverty line increased 50% from 1994 (still in the early Clinton presidency) to 2006.  Among women in higher income brackets, the rate of unintended pregnancy actually fell during that same time period by 29%. 

When I read this story, I couldn’t help but think of the current debates about government spending and deficits – particularly the recent debates concerning government funding of Planned Parenthood.

In the words of  Mike Pence: “The reality is that Planned Parenthood receives hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollars from federal funding sources other than Title X. Of the $363 million they received last year, according to the GAO, only $53 million of that was from Title X.”

$363 million last year – That’s almost a million dollars a day.  Planned Parenthood has consistently claimed that most of that federal money goes to contraception – not abortion.  They’re constantly pontificating to us that contraception lowers the unintended pregnancy rate, and – by connection – the abortion rate.  But if Planned Parenthood has been raking in all of this federal funding all these years, and if contraceptives work so darn well, why is the rate of unintended pregnancies among low income women rising?  I mean, it hasn’t even stablizied – it’s actually still rising

Look – We all work hard, prices are going up, jobs are scare, and a lot of us are very sensitive right now about how the government is managing our money.  So it’s only right that we wonder if this is money well spent…

Self-discipline and abstinence are very economical alternatives.  I just thought I would throw that out there ;-)!

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From Revert to Pro-Life Activist, Part 5

Saturday, August 13th, 2011

As my marriage continued its downward spiral, I focused more and more on my three daughters.  The good news is that I became reconnected with my Catholic faith around this time.  It was amazing how the hand of God worked.  You see, I was trying to get a job teaching in the public schools in Staten Island, oh and by the way they weren’t hiring, there were in fact budget cuts.  My mother-in-law, who was a daily communicant and also the person who took my daughters to Mass every Sunday for me, began praying a novena that I would find a job.  I just rolled my eyes, being the doubting Thomasina that I was.  It was two days before Christmas in 1988 that I was hired to teach first grade in P.S. 31 in Staten Island.  It was a miracle!  So my mother-in-law instructed me to go to Church to light a candle of thanksgiving. Well since it was Christmas and I at least went to Mass then, I went and lit my candle.  I then went to Mass the following Sunday not wanting to chance anything  happening to me starting my new teaching position.  By the third week of attending Mass the Hand of God reached out for me again.  We were leaving Church when my daughter Tara Lynn called out to the newly ordained Fr Frank Pavone to come over and meet her Mom.  She said, “Fr F rank, here’s my Mom, you know the one that needs to go to Confession!”  I turned beet red with embarrassment.  Fr Pavone was very cool and calmed down Tara Lynn’s excitement and turned to me and told me I didn’t have to go to Confession. Well, that was a relief. He did give me the rectory phone number and told me to give him a call.  He said we could just talk.  Just talk about the Church?  That seemed  odd to me.  So I stuffed the paper with his number in my pocketbook and there it stayed for a few more weeks.  Then one day I stumbled across it again and decided to give this young priest a call.  He invited me to his Friday night Bible Class and we had an appointment for what I later found out was called Spiritual Direction after that.  I gave him my laundry list of disagreements with the Churches teaching and he wasn’t shocked.  He invited me to continue to come and study and I took him up on the challenge.  It took me three months of discussion and study and finally I was ready for Confession.  After twenty years away from the Church I rediscover and wealth we have with our Faith.  I received Communion that day and it was for me now like my First Holy Communion.  I know this was beginning a relationship with Jesus.

As I continued to rediscover my faith and the teachings of the Church, I learned about God’s beautiful plan for marriage, including Natural Family Planning.

Janet in 2002

At the same time, I became aware of how birth control pills really worked.

I had always thought that birth control pills simply prevented fertilization.  Now I learned that the Pill actually has its own built-in insurance system, employing several different methods of action in case one or more of the methods don’t work.  Besides trying to prevent fertilization, the Pill also thickens the cervical mucus, which then acts as a barrier, preventing the sperm from getting to the egg.  If both of these first two methods fail and ovulation and conception both occur, then the Pill acts to prevent the fertilized egg (the newly conceived human being) from implanting itself onto the side wall of the uterus.   The child is then aborted out of the body.

I didn’t feel the impact of this newfound information until several years later. I was with a friend visiting the EpcotCenterin Disney World, and we decided to visit the Wonder of Life exhibit. As I began to watch a beautiful video showing the wonder of how life began, I realized what taking the birth control pills really meant: the possibility of aborting new life. In the years that I had been taking birth control pills, I had been very sexually active. I also knew that I was an extremely fertile woman. Given these facts, there is no doubt that I had successfully conceived new life many times, but had never given these little babies the chance to grow inside me. For the very first time in my life, I came to grips with the fact that I had not only shut myself off to life, but had also destroyed an unknown number of children.

As I came out of that exhibit, there was a giant rushing water fountain nearby. I walked over to it and began to sob uncontrollably.  I stayed there for quite some time, absorbed in my sudden feelings of grief and remorse.  This was the very first time I became aware of the full impact of what I had done.

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From Revert to Pro-Life Activist, Part 4

Friday, August 12th, 2011

I became engaged after dating my future husband for three months.  From there
things moved quickly towards our wedding day.  At Pre-Cana classes the priest told us
that depending upon the circumstances, birth control pills could be an option for us to
consider. I didn’t realize at the time that this was bad advice in every way: theologically,
spiritually, psychologically, and physically!

As the oldest of four siblings, I had many years of experience dealing with diapers
and babysitting, and felt that delaying the start of a family was a good idea.  I had taken
birth control pills back in high school (although I wasn’t sexually active), as prescribed by
my Catholic OB/GYN for menstrual problems.  At this point in my life, then, both a
priest and a doctor had legitimized the use of contraceptives, and so I continued  my
journey down that slippery slope.

I started taking birth control pills three months before my wedding date.  About
one month before my wedding, my fiancé began to pressure me to have sex with him.  I
had been a virgin up until then!  I gave in to the pressure, and so my marriage got off to a
bad start.  When you begin marriage not knowing each other very well and then
compound things by moving into a very intimate physical relationship, you set the stage
for disaster.  There’s a popular song about marrying your best friend; well, that’s how
well you should know someone before entering into such a serious, lifelong commitment.

I continued taking the pill for two years. Once I was off the pill, I got pregnant
immediately and gave birth to an absolutely beautiful baby girl.  I threw all my attention
into motherhood, and as a result wanted to delay having another baby.  I went back on
birth control pills until my daughter was thirteen months old. I then felt it was important
for her to have a sibling, so I stopped taking the pill. Once again, I became pregnant
almost immediately.  The lesson I was teaching myself was this: No pill equals countless children!

This time I gave birth to beautiful twin girls.  By this time information was
released showing the risk of clots and strokes associated with birth control pills.  With a
history of strokes in my family, I was afraid to go back on the pill.  I didn’t know about
Natural Family Planning.  In fact, the only natural method that I knew of was the old
“rhythm” method, which was considered by most to be unreliable.  Since my marriage
was built on a physical relationship, you can imagine the amount of arguing and fighting
that began.  When the twins were three, I thought I was pregnant again.  It was just a
scare, but it was enough to make me do something really drastic: I had a tubal ligation.  I
felt I had solved all my problems – or so I thought.

I had embraced everything that the feminist movement promoted as being
liberating and empowering for women.  In reality, I had not been liberated; every day I
felt more trapped in a bad marriage.

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From Revert to Pro-Life Activist, Part 3

Thursday, August 11th, 2011


Janet's High School Graduation from St. Agnes Seminary in June 1970

Now you’ll hear how I began down the slippery slope…

I attended an all-girls, small Catholic high school, St. Agnes Seminary in Brooklyn,
staffed by the Sisters of St Joseph.  In my sophomore year (1968), the Church went
through another radical change.  July 25, 1968 was a day that will live in Church infamy!
That was the date that Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae. There was division in the
Church.  You could literally go to a priest on one side of a church and be told that birth
control was a sin, while on the other side of the same church another priest would say it
wasn’t a sin as long as you had a “good reason to use birth control.”  Let’s face it – we
can all try and justify our behavior if we really want to.  The culture, too, was changing.
This was the sexual revolution, “woman’s lib”, and the whole drug culture.  And so I,
too, got caught up in this whole changing world. I began to question my faith.  I thought
women had a right to birth control, and I no longer believed in the infallibility of the
Pope.  All those Baltimore Catechism questions and answers became irrelevant to me.
Then the moment came when I took that first step down the slippery slope.  It was
sophomore year, and the priest came to our school for our monthly Confession.  I
dutifully lined up with my class for Confession.  This time, though, I began to feel
anxious and no longer wanted to go to Confession. I did an about-face and walked back
into class.  Sister said, “Confession, Janet!” and I replied, “Yes, Sister,” and so began my
first step down that slippery slope. I stopped going to confession, which led me to abstain
from Communion, which in turn led to me skipping Mass altogether.  In the end, I only
attended Mass on Christmas and Easter.

Fast forward a little: I graduated from St Francis College in 1974 and married in 1975.  It
was a time when my Catholic faith no longer seemed to matter to me.  My relationship
with God was almost at a zero.  At the same time, all my close friends were getting
married, so marriage seemed like the next step to take – or so I thought.

Stay tuned to see what happened next…

Janet's College Graduation from St. Francis in 1974

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