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Ashes to Ashes…

Tuesday, February 21st, 2012

As we begin our Lenten journey today and receive our ashes, the priest will say “Remember thou are dust and to dust thou shall return” or “Turn away from sin and be faithful to the gospel”.  That reminded me of a poem which we recited when I was young girl  growing up in Brooklyn. It went like this:

“Ashes to ashes dust it dust, if God doesn’t get you the devil must!”

Now you might smile and grin a little but I think there was a lot of wisdom in this child like poem.  See we were aware of the devil, heaven and hell.  These are concepts that you rarely hear preached or thought about today in Churches.

So as we enter this Lenten season, let’s try right from the very first day to make this our best Lent ever.  Not just in what we might be giving up for Lent but in more prayer and reflection, time before the Lord in Adoration and reading of the Scriptures.  It is not about giving up things but giving more to the Lord!

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