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Story of a surrogate who chose life illustrates how far we have fallen

Wednesday, March 6th, 2013



Still don’t believe that abortion and reproductive technology are flip sides of the same demonic coin?

Then consider this story that began in Connecticut and wound up in an unnamed location in Michigan:

A family with three IVF children and a desire for a fourth thawed out their two remaining frozen embryos – conceived with donor eggs — and had them implanted in a surrogate, who would be paid $22,000 to bear them a child. One of the frozen eggs took. The surrogate signed a contract that stipulated she would have an abortion if there was a serious fetal anomaly, but when an ultrasound halfway through her pregnancy showed that as possibility, she insisted she would not abort.

Lawyers were hired. Breach of contract was charged. The surrogate uprooted her own two kids and fled to Michigan, where surrogacy laws are not recognized. The “birth parents” offered her $10,000 to abort. She said she would do it for $15,000 but immediately changed her mind. Then the “birth parents” said they would accept their parental rights and would, as soon as the baby was born, abandon her as a ward of the state of Connecticut.

But the baby was born in Michigan and the surrogate found an adoptive family willing to provide a loving home to a little girl with serious heart problems, an uncertain future, and a cleft lip that somehow manages an infectious smile. The “birth parents” seemed to have had a change of heart and are now marginally involved in the life of the little girl who is being publicly identified as S.

To be sure, there is grace in this tale. A woman’s fierce determination to choose life. The big love of a family willing to add another special-needs child to their blended family. And a little girl who is teaching everyone who knows her a lesson in how life finds a way if we let it.

This is what her adoptive mother told CNN reporter Elizabeth Cohen:

“S. wakes up every single morning with an infectious smile. She greets her world with a constant sense of enthusiasm. Ultimately, we hold onto a faith that in providing S. with love, opportunity, encouragement, she will be the one to show us what is possible for her life and what she is capable of achieving.”

The legal wrangling continues, but baby S. is safe and loved and that’s what most important.

But there isblame aplenty in this story. The birth parents were wrong to have hired a surrogate in the first place. The surrogate was wrong to rent out her womb and for considering an abortion for money, even if just for an instant. We are wrong as a society to have allowed this macabre manipulation of conception.

While people are busy debating if the surrogate was within her rights to choose life for the child in her womb, we are missing a bigger issue. A child’s life was lost – the second frozen embryo implanted in the surrogate’s womb. No one seems to be mourning the loss of this tiny human, but as I wrote about in my book, “Recall Abortion,” that frozen embryo is a victim of our callousness towards life.

When we turn to IVF and surrogacy, we are treating our own bodies like incubators and our children like commodities. We go along with  “selectively reducing” multiple babies in the womb down to a manageable singleton. We destroy frozen embryos or use them for research every day, even though each one is a unique individual whose inalienable right to life is the same as yours and mine. We insist that abortion right up to the day of delivery is necessary and right.

Life has become disposable, literally. For that, we are all to blame.


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My first National Review piece!

Thursday, August 18th, 2011

Dear friends,

I’m very honored and thrilled to share with you the news that’s made my week: The National Review has published my response to an article in last Sunday’s New York Times Magazine on the ‘selective reduction’ of twins – when a pregnant mother of unborn twins decides to have one of the twins injected with a lethal solution.  I would love to hear your feedback, and thank you all for your encouragement and support as I venture into the world of writing and blogging!  God bless you all!


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