Celebrity Suicide: The Sexual Abuse/Abortion Connection

Charlotte Dawson

Charlotte Dawson

By Janet Morana and Kevin Burke

Australian Celebrity Charlotte Dawson’s Suicide: The Sexual Abuse/Abortion Connection
New and important revelations from the May 11th edition of The Mail Online on the relationship of Charlotte Dawson’s suicide to abortion and sexual abuse:

Friends of Charlotte Dawson have revealed how the tragic TV star was caught up in a web of fear and depression in the months leading up to her death – and was still struggling to get over an abortion from years earlier.

Close friend Alex Perry shared that her abortion was the turning point in her life. Dawson and friends of her family spoke of her loving childhood, but also of sexual molestation as a child, and how this contributed to a lack of self worth.

When we first learned of Charlotte’s tragic death in February, the Main Stream Media tried to blame her death on cyber-bullying. But this interview broadcast Sunday evening May 11 on the Seven Network Australia further clarifies that the central cause of her desperation and despair was her abortion loss suffered in 2000.

The sexual molestation Charlotte experienced as a child not only was a contributor to her emotional suffering, it also likely had an important connection to her vulnerability to her coerced abortion. When a woman has experienced the intimate violation of sexual abuse, the abortion procedure can be experienced on a physiological and psychological level as a traumatic event that re enacts elements of that earlier abuse. After the abortion procedure this can cause an explosive, confusing and destabilizing flood of painful memories and feelings. [You can learn much more about the relationship of sexual abuse and abortion in this excerpt from Forbidden Grief: The Unspoken Pain of Abortion. ]

Charlotte was a famous and beautiful model, television star and celebrity. But there are many other such tragic accounts of women with abuse in their histories who are counseled that abortion is the only sensible and compassionate choice. Like Charlotte Dawson, this can lead over time to a sudden and shocking act like suicide. However for many other women, it is a slower process of self-destructive, self-shaming behaviors that can wreak havoc in their lives and relationships.

Pro-abortion apologists tell us we need to make abortion safe and easily accessible, especially for women with abuse in their history who often face unplanned pregnancies. The tragedy is that, like Charlotte Dawson, these are the women with the highest vulnerability to tragic reactions to the procedure.

Kevin Burke is the co-founder of Rachel’s Vineyard and coordinator of the Fatherhood Forever initiative of the Silent No More Awareness Campaign.

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  1. Rachel K Frederick says:

    Dear Janet, I know the deep tormenting pain of abortion. I endured the heinous procedure of an abortion in 1990 and it threw me on the path to a spiritual death. I remained in that death and a tomb for my spirit and that of my child for 22 years until I screamed out to a God I didn’t know. My beaten and broken heart wanted to die! I cried out for him to end my life and he did, by giving me his life! When he did such, he instructed me to write a book, testifying to the life he gave to my death, and I obeyed. He took me on a spiritual journey into my past sins and had me write about what he taught me within each tormenting memory. The journey revealed in the book is actually the one he used for my healing. He has commanded I pass it on, therefore, I had it published. It’s titled, “Crucified with Christ, My Spiritual Death and Resurrection”. It can be found on Amazon.com and other online retailers. Our Lord asked me to bring it to your attention. He said you will know why when you ask him. I don’t question his instructions anymore, I simply obey them. So, check it out and maybe you will find it helpful in your work with Silent No More, which I am a member of as well. He raised me from my grave and told me to be “Silent No More!” Praised be Jesus Christ for his love and mercy!
    Your Sister in Christ, Rachel K Frederick

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