Filthy Akron abortion business closes

Our friends at Operation Rescue and Right to Life of Northeast Ohio are reporting that the Akron Women’s Medical Group has quietly closed its doors. Alleluia!

At, Operation Rescue reports on the botched abortions and filthy conditions there. But the name rang a bell for me for another reason. In 2013, a young woman went for an abortion there after a doctor told her she needed to kill her baby to save her own life. Weeks after the abortion, she found she was still pregnant. She survived the pregnancy, delivered a healthy baby girl and served the abortion business with a lawsuit. I wrote about that here.

More than a year later, the mom, Ariel Knights, dropped the suit. National Right to Life News reports extensively on that here.

I thank God that the abortionist was so inept that the baby lived, and that finally, the assembly line of death has closed in Akron. When abortion businesses closed, lives are saved.



2 Responses to “Filthy Akron abortion business closes”

  1. Debby says:

    Sad to say I briefly worked there years ago. I’m very happy to hear they’ve locked the doors.

  2. Janet Morana says:

    Hi Debby. If you need spiritual healing after working in such a terrible place, Rachel’s Vineyard can help.

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