From Revert to Pro-Life Activist, Part 3


Janet's High School Graduation from St. Agnes Seminary in June 1970

Now you’ll hear how I began down the slippery slope…

I attended an all-girls, small Catholic high school, St. Agnes Seminary in Brooklyn,
staffed by the Sisters of St Joseph.  In my sophomore year (1968), the Church went
through another radical change.  July 25, 1968 was a day that will live in Church infamy!
That was the date that Pope Paul VI issued Humanae Vitae. There was division in the
Church.  You could literally go to a priest on one side of a church and be told that birth
control was a sin, while on the other side of the same church another priest would say it
wasn’t a sin as long as you had a “good reason to use birth control.”  Let’s face it – we
can all try and justify our behavior if we really want to.  The culture, too, was changing.
This was the sexual revolution, “woman’s lib”, and the whole drug culture.  And so I,
too, got caught up in this whole changing world. I began to question my faith.  I thought
women had a right to birth control, and I no longer believed in the infallibility of the
Pope.  All those Baltimore Catechism questions and answers became irrelevant to me.
Then the moment came when I took that first step down the slippery slope.  It was
sophomore year, and the priest came to our school for our monthly Confession.  I
dutifully lined up with my class for Confession.  This time, though, I began to feel
anxious and no longer wanted to go to Confession. I did an about-face and walked back
into class.  Sister said, “Confession, Janet!” and I replied, “Yes, Sister,” and so began my
first step down that slippery slope. I stopped going to confession, which led me to abstain
from Communion, which in turn led to me skipping Mass altogether.  In the end, I only
attended Mass on Christmas and Easter.

Fast forward a little: I graduated from St Francis College in 1974 and married in 1975.  It
was a time when my Catholic faith no longer seemed to matter to me.  My relationship
with God was almost at a zero.  At the same time, all my close friends were getting
married, so marriage seemed like the next step to take – or so I thought.

Stay tuned to see what happened next…

Janet's College Graduation from St. Francis in 1974

6 Responses to “From Revert to Pro-Life Activist, Part 3”

  1. Jeanette Bard says:

    Yes, Confession is often the first sacrament to go. Who needs the priest to yell at them or act disgusted? Well, they are much better now, having learned to be astute but forgiving so you feel they are really acting in persona Christi.
    When did I stop going to Mass? Somewhere in my 20s. Not that I stopped believing in God or Jesus or even all the good things about the Catholic Church. Still prayed the Memorare for years, the Hail Mary, the Our Father. You begin to rationalize that you know all there is to know anyway and are a good person so why can’t you just sleep in on Sundays cause you’ve got to study for college or work hard all the next week…
    Then, if you are single for a long time…”because your boyfriends believe you’re “too Catholic”, and the perception is that all people in church are married…you wonder where it is that you fit in? What can the church do for me? I’d probably just fall in love with a priest and then where would I be? Then the neighbors would really be talking….So I stopped going to Mass.

    • Janet Morana says:

      You know, Jeanette, the most painful stories I’ve heard from other Baby Boomer (and younger) Catholics like us is in the area of relationships. The changes in the Church and the sexual revolution caused so much pain and so much disorientation. You’re far from alone in experiencing some of the fallout from that… Believe me, I’ve been there in my own ways, too! But God is good, and He has the last word!!!

  2. John says:

    Just discovered your blog via Priests for Life. It is off to a great start. Keep up the great work on behalf of the unborn.

    • Janet Morana says:

      Thank you so much, John! Please keep visiting and posting your thoughts on the subjects here – I know it’s the Catholic View for ‘Women,’ but we want our brothers in Christ to give us their wisdom and input, too! God bless you!

  3. Terri Pletcher says:

    Don’t leave us hanging like that… :) I love your “search mission” comment about finding our Tabernacles.

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