From Revert to Pro-Life Activist, Part 6

As I became more involved in pro-life work, I learned more about the damage that abortion does to women.  I realized that many of these women had felt alone in their grief at first, but later were able to experience mercy and healing.  These women who had been through the healing process could therefore serve as a voice for other women still locked in the secret sin of abortion.  That is why I co-founded the Silent No More Awareness Campaign, an initiative that gives women a forum for publicly te

Janet with one of the signs used in the Silent No More Awareness Campaign

stifying to the negative impact that abortion had on their lives.  Because I never had a surgical abortion, people began to question me why I was involved in such a campaign.  Here again I had to come to grips with all the children I had lost because of birth control pills.

Most people who work in post-abortion ministry only recognize the pain and grief from surgical abortion.  Yet I know in my heart that the loss I feel is just as real as if I had had a surgical abortion.  Moreover, I know I am not alone.  In fact, many women come up to me when I am at conferences speaking about the Silent No More Awareness Campaign and share their grief from years of taking abortifacients.

But there is good news. I was able to come to grips with these feelings of grief and loss recently at a Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat.  It was a first step in having my feelings validated, and I began to deal with my loss in a new light.  I am here to say that I will be “Silent No More” about the children that I aborted through birth control.

I am now reaching out to the other women who I know share these feelings.  I am sure I am not the only woman with a testimony like this.  I want others that would like to share their story to send it to me.  I will establish a section on the Priests for Life website for these testimonies.  I know we can help many families realize the damage birth control will do to their lives by getting the word out.  I also want to reach out to others who feel the pain that I have described and tell them that they too can take the first steps towards healing.

It’s my hope that others with stories like mine – people who have (for he time being, anyway) turned their backs on Christ and the Church – will realized the true wealth we have in our treasury of teachings, documents, and wisdom – that they see their purpose in life is as the Baltimore Catechism said “To know, love and serve Him on earth so that we may be happy with Him in Heaven”.  Ah!, but now see that we are called to know Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and also as our Friend.  We are called to have a personal relationship with Him.  I nearly threw this all away and was way from Him for almost twenty years.  I will spend whatever time I have left here on earth singing His praises and hopefully through my story bring others back to the Lord and His Bride The Church!

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  1. Janet Morana says:

    Hi everyone, just wanted to thank you all for all of your support – I had no idea that the new blog would generate responses so quickly, and I promise to be much better now at participating in these conversations here! 😀 I look forward to reading your thoughts and seeing some great conversations! God bless!

  2. Terri Pletcher says:

    Awesome Blog Janet…I sincerely hope all young women of all faiths will see your words and realize what they are doing to themselves and their children. When our daughter was born the hospital did a test and said I hadn’t had a German measles shot so even though I was nursing they wouldn’t let me leave the hospital without it…then told me I had to take the pill. My husband (in the process of RCIA at the time) refused to touch me sexually (he was angry with my mom for not properly vaccinating me which she later proved she did not really sure what happened) for those 4 months 3 on the pill and 1 to be sure…today I from your blog learned why. Thank You!

    Do you mind if use your words with your name of course as my FB status…my anti bc pill rants aggravate people but I hope that means I’m making them think…I always wonder how those chemicals affect us, and if some are still in us to affect future generations…

  3. Elizabeth Wynn says:

    Janet, your life is a living testimony of the grace and mercy God has for all who come to Him and ask for forgiveness. Thank you for opening up your book and letting us read the intimate details. I pray God continues to bless you and your ministry.

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