Jane Fonda: Abortion apologist and abortion survivor

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I’m just catching up to the news that Jane Fonda and her brother, Peter Fonda, are abortion survivors. Their mother, who was sexually abused by a piano tuner as a child and physically abused by her two husbands, George Brokaw and Henry Fonda, had nine abortions before Jane was born and finally took her own life.

In one of her books and at an event last month, Ms. Fonda said that when she learned of the sexual abuse that began when her mother was just a child, she was able to forgive her for the suicide that left her without a mother at the age of 12.

Ms. Fonda is less forthcoming on what she thinks about the nine abortions, except to say they played a role in Francis Fonda’s ultimate act of desperation.
Perhaps her near-silence on her mother’s abortions can be explained by Jane Fonda’s vocal support of abortion over the last several decades. If she’s advocating free and open access to the very thing that contributed to her mother’s suicide, that’s a clear indication she’s in denial.

Pro-aborts love to say there is no link from abortion to suicide, and though they raked researcher Priscilla Coleman over the coals when she uncovered a substantial link, the fact cannot be hidden forever.

In a 2010 study, researchers from the National Center for Biotechnology Information – which works hand in hand with the National Institutes of Health – found that abortion was associated with an increased likelihood of several mental disorders, including anxiety, substance abuse, suicidal ideation and attempted suicide.

But beyond the abortion-suicide link, Francis Fonda’s multiple abortions very likely fueled the problems Jane Fonda experienced and has often discussed: Low self-esteem, poor body image, eating disorders and other problems.

Dr. Philip Ney, a Canadian psychiatrist who is an expert on survivor syndrome following abortion, has written that surviving children – including those who know only intuitively that they have lost siblings to abortion –can develop a “wanted” mentality that makes them see themselves as objects and not people. They become possessions, and as such are expected to meet the expectations of those around them. These children are trying to be the perfect child in order to prove their worth to their parents.

Jane’s pro-abortion activism also might be a direct result of her mother’s nine abortions and subsequent suicide. Abortion researchers have long proposed that the high rate of repeat abortions is a result of post-traumatic re-enactment, an unconscious coping mechanism that prompts people to repeat an experience, even if it was terrible, as a way of justifying it, or normalizing it.

Maybe one way Jane tried to make sense of her mother’s tortured past was to try to normalize it by advocating abortion as a good thing, as a right to which every woman is entitled.

Jane Fonda’s recent musings, including a blog she maintains on her website, indicate that as she ages, she is growing more introspective. She has apologized for her controversial meeting with North Vietnamese soldiers during the Vietnam War and even advocates for abstinence in her book “Being a Teen.” Perhaps we can look forward to a day when she will change her pro-abortion views and honestly discuss what it felt like to learn that she was not one of two children, but one of 11.

When she’s ready to take that step, I hope she will seek healing and finally find the peace that has eluded her.

11 Responses to “Jane Fonda: Abortion apologist and abortion survivor”

  1. Ellen Kolb says:

    The mind reels at the thought of being such a survivor. I share in your hopeful conclusion, though. The fact that she came to see her mother’s suicide in a different light, and that she reconsidered the effect of her Vietnam-war era activities, tells me that she hasn’t closed the door on learning from the past.

  2. Alisa says:

    Written with compassion…more than I could’ve mustered were I the author. Well done.

  3. Theresa Connolly says:

    All victims of abortion need our love and prayers.
    This is true especially if the mother thought it was
    a deliberate choice.

  4. Denise Shields says:

    The sins of the fathers (and mothers) are visited on their children. Jane is a good example of that. I pray she can resolve this with her Father in Heaven who stands ready to help her forgive and overcome her past.

  5. Post abortion syndrome for women who are abortion survivors is so real. And bravo to the Church for the Rachel programs it has. I wanted to plug that as a pro-life Catholic….I am writing my first novel on this subject. The program again the Catholic Church is called Rachel – and most Arch. have support groups of Rachel programs.

    Pass it on to help any woman or girl or ANYONE who needs an ear of compassion and a road to healing.


  6. Kathryn says:

    The Guttmacher raking of Priscilla Coleman is sickening. The silence from pro-aborts, regarding the pain of abortion, emotional, physical and spiritual, is deafening.

    I tire of “celebrities”–God is not a respecter of persons, who have been deeply scarred by abortion, yet continue to support it so others can also have this dreadful and violent experience.

  7. R. says:

    This article seems to ignore the multiple sexual abuse that Ms. Fonda’s mother suffered. This is often accompanied by verbal and mental abuse as well. That alone is often the cause for suicides. When you truly know when life begins, I suppose we can all have an intelligent conversation. But this is a CATHOLIC site… right ?!

  8. Sally says:

    Because a woman becomes pregnant does not mean that she will give birth to a live baby. Her Mother, like all Mothers, had many starts that did not get as far along as the ones we know about. I’m sure God will straighten it all out for us, this is not a business we should be attending to as sinful, fallen humans.

  9. Linda says:

    I personally don’t give a rats ass what her mother endured. This blight on the United States is a traitor. By HER ACTIONS…………..and hers ALONE,she PERSONALLY contributed to, aided and abetted in the deaths in several of our great soldiers during the Viet Nam war. I hope she never experiences a decent nights sleep ever again!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Linda says:

    If understood correctly, speaking about Jane Fonda’s mother, the line of thinking is that the multiple abortions have lead to the psychiatric problems. And the psychiatric problems have caused Jane Fonda’s low self esteem and other problems.

    Personally, I think the sexual abuse has played the main role in causing psychological problems of Jane’s mother.

    Let’s take a look at the “correct way”: what if no abortions had taken place and Jane’s mother would have had 11 children and an unstable mental health. Changes are high she would have committed suicide anyway, causing 11 children a difficult time and low self esteem and other problems.

    The abortions play a small role; they have to be seen as the symptoms and results of the sexual abuse. And having 11 children of a man you don’t love, how difficult does that make you love your children when you look into their eyes and see him all the time. And who well of a father an abusive husband will be?

  11. Marian G. says:

    This article explains much of the history of Jane Fonda’s life. As she ages, I hope she will come to realize that she survived being aborted for a reason. She needs to understand that God allowed her to live so she may come to the point of opposing abortion, not favoring it. She already seems to have forgiven her mother for committing suicide and leaving her alone. The next step is to oppose abortion that robbed her of so many siblings. She needs our prayers.

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