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Escape Recall

For the seventh time in 18 months, Ford has recalled its Escape SUV, this time, to fix oil and fuel leaks that can cause engine fires. It’s important to note that no injuries have resulted from these engine fires but Ford has done the right thing, again, to ensure passenger safety.

That’s the purpose of product recalls, to fix something unsafe. Sometimes, the product is determined to be so hazardous to consumers, it is pulled from the market entirely, never to return.

Every time I hear about another product recall, I think about abortion, and the way it has harmed women in this country for more than 40 years. Of course it’s even more harmful to the babies being aborted, but incredibly, murder in the womb is legal. But how many women have to die before we really think about recalling abortion? How many women have to suffer crippling and lifelong injuries before we take a hard look at this product called abortion and finally determine that this product is too dangerous to be sold one more day, that this product is bad medicine.

Jennifer Morbelli, killed in a third-trimester abortion.

Jennifer Morbelli, killed in a third-trimester abortion.

The idea to take abortion off the market – the idea that prompted me to write my book, “Recall Abortion” – came to me like a road to Damascus moment one day several years ago when I realized that laws restricting abortion can only go so far in protecting women and children. We need to end abortion now, before one more woman makes the irrevocable

Tonya Reaves, killed in a second-trimester abortion.

Tonya Reaves, killed in a second-trimester abortion.

choice to kill her unborn child and suffers from a lifetime of regret, or worse. Before one young mother like Tonya Reaves in Chicago is allowed to bleed for five hours at an abortion clinic before dying. Before one more woman like Jennifer Morbelli is convinced by a lawsuit-wary doctor to abort her full-term baby who might have suffered from a seizure disorder, and ends up buried alongside her baby girl.

Isn’t it time to recall abortion?

If you need more convincing, please read my book. If you are ready to join me in calling for a government recall of this terrible and deadly product called abortion, please go to and sign the petition. We have the power to end abortion.

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