Killing them softly


U.S. Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg gave quite a speech the other night. Speaking at the anniversary fund-raiser for the International Women’s Health Coalition, she lamented that Roe v. Wade was too much too soon. Americans needed a more incremental approach to child-killing to be convinced that it is a constitutional right, vital to women’s health, and, lately, even sacred.

“You give it to them softly,” Ginsburg said. “And you build them up to what you want.”

This quote comes from a piece Jill Filipovic wrote for Cosmopolitan Magazine. It’s very interesting reading. Here’s another quote within Ms. Filipovic’s story.

“The decision in Roe, too, ‘was as much about a doctor’s right to practice medicine’ as it was about a woman’s right to abortion, she pointed out. ‘The image was the doctor giving advice to the little woman, not the woman standing alone.’ ”

Pro-abortion physicians – like the late Dr. Bernard Nathanson, who later became a pro-life Catholic convert — were critical to the success of Roe v. Wade, a fact that was forgotten after all the bra-burning feminism that followed. Some of these doctors were sincerely troubled by having treated women who had been butchered in illegal abortions.

But let’s think about that image Justice Ginsburg mentioned, of “the doctor giving advice to the little woman.” Does that sound like the abortion industry to you?

Here’s how a woman from Ohio named Phyllis described her abortion on the Silent No More Awareness Campaign website, and in my book, Recall Abortion.

“I never saw the abortion doctor until just before the procedure. I was reluctant to let him go in with the instruments. He said, jokingly, ‘just spread your legs like a cheerleader.’ I did not laugh.”

And Kim, from Mississippi:

“After taking a sedative and being strapped to the exam table, I said, ‘I can’t do this. Let me up.’ After that I was forcefully held down by two people and given another sedative… I put my legs together and heard the doctor tell his assistant to do something about that. They held my legs apart and I begged and called for my boyfriend.”

Abortionists are not kindly country doctors. Many of them are substance abusers. They tend to lose their licenses on a regular basis, continuing to kill children and harm women anyway. Sometimes they’re not even doctors and in some places, like in California, they don’t even have to be doctors.

Abortion is not health care because pregnancy is not a disease. Abortion is an unnatural, violent and traumatic experience that wounds women physically and emotionally. It turns women into the architects of their own children’s deaths.

In Recall Abortion, I quote women who have been so badly hurt in abortions that they never were able to have children. Women whose real doctors later found parts of their babies left behind in the womb. And I speak to mothers whose daughters died having “safe and legal” abortions. I hope you read it, and share their stories.

This is what Roe v. Wade, and its silent partner, “Doe v. Bolton,” brought to us in 1973. An agenda-driven ruling masquerading as health care, spawning a cash-fueled industry so vile and unregulated that Americans would be shocked if they knew. One of the reasons they don’t know is that the media, for the most part, will not tell them.

I’m not sure that giving it to us softly, as Justice Ginsburg envisioned, would have made any difference. Murder is murder. There is nothing soft about killing babies.

I challenge Justice Ginsburg to read Recall Abortion and to go to Silent No More to read the stories of the women whose health has been damaged permanently by abortion. I would love to send her a copy, and to hear what she has to say

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  1. Brandy Molina says:

    In reading this article, I am appalled and greatly sorrowful for the way that our government has blatantly used this “decision” to murder millions of innocent babies. Words cannot describe the horror and shame that the Supreme Court of this country has brought on our lives through the Roe v Wade decision.

    I ask myself what could I do to change this cruel and evil practice? I must continue to pray. I must be willing to stand up to these proponents of Abortion and shout my denial of their vile practice. May God have mercy on their souls and turn their hearts around to see the truth.

    Abortion is not acceptable and especially not in the “land of the free and the brave”. Our country’s foundation is built on the teachings of God Almighty and He commands us to cherish the greatest gift on Earth – LIFE.

    Ruth Bader Ginsburg is without conscience. How dare she imply that Americans needed more time to soften up to the idea that murdering babies is okay. Obviously, millions of people in this country readily accept that notion. It does not take long to recognize evil and she is eaten up with it.

    Even Supreme Court Justices will face God Almighty on Judgment Day. They will then be judged by their actions. A more incremental approach will not help them on that Day.

    • As a physician and gynecologist, and as a woman, I know many women who have been harmed by the after effects of abortion and by the potential danger of the procedure. I am ready to expose the “war on women” liberal assault from the media against pro-life candidates. Women coerced into having abortions are exploited and used because of the millions of dollars ( maybe more) to be made in the abortion industry. And most of these women are minorities and live in poverty. Abortionists and those who support them pretend to “help” women which is false as many women are harmed. They suffer from depression and grief and guilt over their decision. We need to let them know that WE care about them, WE want to help them when faced with an unwanted pregnancy, that WE have answers for them. WE must help them in the short run, but in the long run, we need to improve our economy and fight to end poverty in the United States. WE must show them that WE have the answers, the mercy and compassion, the LOVE for them as they are faced with many difficulties in this life. Does anyone know any hispanic and African American female pro-life doctors who would also be willing to go public with this message?

  2. Anne says:

    Another note-
    Can you imagine what the left would do if justice Thomas or Scalia spoke at a Pro-Life event?

  3. Tim Riley says:

    Here’s more proof the pro Abortion crowd live in another world they prove day to day how sadly lacking they are in Human compassion their hearts have been harden by their own actions they will one day have to face the almighty and be judged.

  4. George Daniel Mackey says:

    I abhor killing unborn babies. We no longer can argue that life does not begin at conception. Indeed we know that life does infact begin at conception. The supreme court justices need to read carefully the testimony and thoughts of those in the medical industry
    who have reversed their support of baby killing. The abortion industry by killing millions of children, has amoralized generations of healthy marriages with its lies,and it has caused untold psychological damage to the lives of women. Mothers know. Mothers soon enough regret each abortion. The truth is out there…do the research or risk the damage and pain.

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