Perpetuating the myth that pro-lifers don’t care about women and children

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Elizabeth Jahr, a student at Marymount University, wrote an op-ed for the Christian Science Monitor that suggested pro-lifers should skip the March for Life in January and instead use the money they would have spent to get there to provide pre-natal care for 6,600 women, or pre-natal vitamins for 25,000. I should be infuriated by her suggestion that we are wasting our money at the March, but I understand that her naiveté is informing her opinion.

Planned Parenthood, which kills more than 300,000 unborn children every year, receives $1.5 million in taxpayer funding EVERY DAY. Pro-aborts will helpfully point out that tax funding can’t be used for abortion-related programs, to which I say, baloney. While committing more than one-quarter of the nation’s abortions annually, Planned Parenthood refers 1,000 or fewer women to adoption agencies every year. There is no payday for an abortionist if there is no abortion. Planned Parenthood could use that taxpayer money to provide prenatal services, but they don’t. According to an analysis by the American Center for Law and Justice, prenatal care accounts for just 0.28 of the services provided. So maybe Ms. Jahr should take Planned Parenthood to task.

The Monitor piece also omits any mention of the real, concrete help offered to women at 3,000 pregnancy help centers across the country. There are four times as many of these centers as there are abortion clinics, but they are rarely seen in the mainstream media, and only then when someone is headed to court to force the centers to hang signs that say “We don’t do abortions here.”

The centers are often taken to task for providing “medically inaccurate information” by pointing out the link between abortion and breast cancer. This is another instance of the mainstream media accepting as gospel truth that there is no such link. We know otherwise. As I learned as I was researching my book, “Recall Abortion,” the abortion-breast cancer link has been reported in more than 60 peer-reviewed scientific studies. And a study out this year found that since 1976, there has been a significant increase in the most aggressive breast cancers among young women. The study authors don’t theorize what might be causing this increase, but abortion was legalized three years earlier than the trend began, and that can’t be a coincidence.

But I’m getting off track. Pro-life people are criticized every day for not caring enough about babies once they’re born, or not caring about the women facing unplanned pregnancies. Those are unfair characterizations. I can’t even count the people I know who have adopted children, including special needs babies, or those who have opened their homes and hearts to pregnant women and girls. We are painted as judgmental and unforgiving toward those who have had abortions, which is another lie. Many programs, like our own Rachel’s Vineyard, offer help and healing to women, and men, suffering after an abortion. Every day, pro-life groups throw baby showers for pregnant women, drive them to doctor’s appointments and even accompany them in labor and delivery. Just about every pro-life event has at least one mother there, with her child, happy to talk about the day she changed her mind and chose life.

Ms. Jahr is saying we should put our money where our mouths are, and I can assure you that we do. And we unapologetically plan for the next March for Life because it is much, much more than a few hours spent standing in the cold holding signs. It’s a vital gathering of pro-lifers who learn from each other, celebrate each other’s victories, carry each other’s burdens and show the world that 40 years – almost 41 now – since our nation legalized murder, we are stronger, more committed, and more assured of victory than ever.


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  1. Catherine W. says:


    Thank you for addressing this. I was surprised that the Christian Science Monitor would publish such an outright attack on the pro-life movement. Some pro-abortion groups host “bowling for abortion” fund-raisers. NARAL hosts a “celebration” of Roe v. Wade every year in DC, usually a day or two after the March for Life. One year Planned Parenthood in Baltimore hosted a fund-raiser called “Celebrate the Right to Shoes,” turning abortion into a macabre joke. Perhaps our Catholic university students could call them out and suggest they spend their money helping women with prenatal care and vitamins.

  2. Nicole says:


    Thank you for this well- written article. You make many excellent points here. Will the CSM be publishing this for you? I hope so. It;s the least they should do.

  3. Jean Reynolds says:

    I found Ms. Jahr’s article refreshing. I was actually disappointed in Janet’s article which I found not only poorly written but full of finger pointing. You insult an up and coming writer from a catholic college as naive. Shame on you. At best we can all agree that plenty of money is wasted, yes, on both sides. If you care to read her title I think you will find that it intentionally did not plan to discuss pro choice.
    I am pro life.

  4. Natalie says:

    I was especially struck by one line in Ms. Jahr’s op ed piece, “A woman’s decision to have an abortion often stems from a very real and legitimate fear that she will not be able to care for a child.”

    It reminded me of something that I, and thousands of other mothers tell their children. “When you were born, your first mother could not take care of a child, but she loved you so much that she made an adoption plan, so that you would have a family who could take care of you.”

    I have a plea for pro-lifers. Please continue to march and loudly spread the word. If you sit at home in silence how will women ever know about all the support that is out there for them? How will they learn about crises pregnancy centers, programs that provide women with long-term training and support so they can learn the skills needed to care for a child, programs for post-abortion healing like Rachel’s Vinyard, and programs that provide counseling and education, so that women don’t believe the lie that abortion is the only “choice” they have?

    There is a grave injustice being done to women by the abortion industry and lobby. Silencing the pro-life community would only make this situation worse.

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