Isn’t it time to Recall Abortion?


Sundance Festival film-goers in Utah were said to have wept at the heroics of the last four abortionists in America willing to kill third-trimester babies. LeRoy Carhart was one of the four “doctors” featured in the documentary “After Tiller.”

Today Carhart is making people weep for a different reason. On Thursday, a 29-year-old woman who was 33 weeks pregnant died during a four-day abortion procedure at his abortion clinic in Maryland.

According to the Maryland Coalition for Life – which cited credible anonymous sources —  the out-of-state woman arrived at Germantown Reproductive Health Service Sunday evening to begin the procedure. Pro-lifers who pray outside the clinic on a regular basis said the woman appeared “pale and weak” when she returned to the clinic Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday.

Thursday morning around 5 a.m., according to the Maryland coalition, the woman was in pain but unable to reach Carhart for assistance. She was driven to a hospital emergency room in a private vehicle. She was pronounced dead several hours later.

This is not the first abortion fatality for Carhart. He was implicated in the death of Christin Gilbert in 2005. Ms. Gilbert was a 19-year-old with Down syndrome whose parents took her to George Tiller’s late-term clinic in Wichita, where Carhart was an associate.

We don’t know why the woman who died yesterday chose an abortion for her nearly full-term child but the choice proved fatal to her, as it has to hundreds of women in the 40 years since the U.S. Supreme Court Roe V. Wade decision made abortion legal any time during pregnancy and for any reason. Most Americans still do not realize that abortions take place in the third-trimester. At 33 weeks, this woman’s baby was certainly viable.

If her life was imperiled by the pregnancy, she could have had labor induced or even had a C-section, and she and the baby likely would be alive today. If the young woman had a doctor who was committed to life, and to the practice of good medicine, she might not have made the trip to Maryland that ended her life.

“You never pit the life of the mother against the life of the child,” Dr. John Bruchalski of the Tepeyac Family Center in Virginia told me for my book, “Recall Abortion.”

“You have to have a relationship with the patient to be able to convince her that you won’t let her die and that her baby doesn’t have to die either,” Dr. Bruchalski said. “What we do with mothers at risk is practice good medicine. We monitor her, in the hospital or even in intensive care if we need to. We deliver the baby when we have to.”

If the baby had a life-limiting disorder, his mother could have turned to a perinatal hospice program that would care for her  in the late stages of her pregnancy, and give her and her family a chance to hold and cuddle and love the baby for however long he or she would live. The baby would have experienced love and died with dignity. Dr. Byron Calhoun, a pioneer of perinatal hospice, said the hospice program was developed as an alternative to late-term abortion. A better choice.

“We had to have something to offer people other than ‘don’t do that,’” he said.

Parents who choose perinatal hospice still must deal with the grief that comes from losing a child, but studies have shown they can deal with that grief much better than those who choose late-term abortion.

“We explain that they’re not going to escape any of the grief,” Dr. Calhoun says in the book. “But we ask them if they want to spend time with their babies.”  He said 75 percent of couples who are offered perinatal hospice choose it over abortion.

LeRoy Carhart was the worst choice this woman could have made, and now she and her baby have paid the ultimate price.

How many women will have to die before Carhart is forced into retirement?

How many babies will be torn limb from limb before we realize the inhumanity of our actions?

How much longer until we recall abortion?

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