Shame on you, PBS


The taxpayer-supported network that’s home to “Sesame Street” and noted for highlighting the fine arts will sink to a new low on Monday when it shows “After Tiller,” a love letter to late-term abortion.

The propaganda film highlights the grisly business of third-trimester abortion and the four abortionists who openly commit it in the United States, a rogue’s gallery if ever there was one.

Just weeks after the film opened to rave reviews at the Sundance Film Festival in 2013, one of its “stars,” George Tiller protégé LeRoy Cahart, killed baby Madison Leigh during her 33rd week of gestation. Days later, her mother, Jennifer Morbelli, also died. Carhart was in another state, perhaps on his way to kill other babies, when Jennifer was dying. This is the same abortionist who was caught on an undercover video comparing a baby he has killed in the womb to “meat in a crockpot.”

The film also profiles Susan Robinson, who admitted during one interview that killing a child at 37 weeks, instead of the 34 weeks she had expected, “was quite a moment.” She suggests that parents of the fully formed babies she kills take pictures and footprints, and create a memory box for the child they decided was not worthy of a live birth.

In 2008, Operation Rescue filed a police report about Shelley Sella, another of the four, after an employee at Tiller’s Wichita clinic said she had seen Sella stab to death a baby born alive at 35 weeks. Nothing ever came of that, which should surprise no one.

And finally, meet Warren Hern. His abortion how-to textbook described the procedure used to kill a late-term baby using the D&E (dilation and evacuation) method: “The procedure changes significantly at 21 weeks because the fetal tissues become much more cohesive and difficult to dismember. This problem is accentuated by the fact that the fetal pelvis may be as much as 5cm in width. The calvaria [head] is no longer the principal problem; it can be collapsed. Other structures, such as the pelvis, present more difficulty….A long curved Mayo scissors may be necessary to decapitate and dismember the fetus.”

These are the “stars” PBS is choosing to highlight as a holiday honoring working people in America draws to a close.

Viewers will hear the terrible circumstances – and they are often terrible, tragic and unbearably sad – that brought these parents to consider such a brutal and barbaric end to their child’s life. But there are many truths that viewers will not hear and see, including what Dr. John Bruchalski told me about later-term abortion for my book, “Recall Abortion.”

“When you kill another human life up close and personal,” he said, “it’s viciously brutal. The baby fights back a little bit. When they get real big, they don’t want to be killed.”

It is no doubt true that many of these mothers and fathers were convinced to abort by doctors who were afraid of malpractice or “wrongful life” lawsuits. We know that a doctor told Jennifer Morbelli her much-wanted daughter would have a seizure disorder. Women with Down syndrome babies in their womb are routinely pushed toward abortion. On my Radio Maria show this coming Tuesday, high school teacher Chad Judice will talk about the day he and his wife were told their second child would be born with spina bifida, and then given literature indicating that 80 percent of such babies are aborted. His son Eli, the subject of two books and now a happy kindergartener in Louisiana, owes his life to his parent’s conviction that every life is precious.

Many babies with fetal anomalies will never make it to kindergarten and will die shortly after birth. It’s these circumstances that are highlighted in “After Tiller.” I haven’t seen the film yet but I am certain there is no mention of perinatal hospice, a humane and loving alternative that parents can make for their critically ill babies. I also wrote about this option in “Recall Abortion,” and you can learn much more about it there. Committing to perinatal hospice requires mothers to continue to nurture in their womb babies they know will die. This can’t be easy, but there is solace, and love, and dignity, in giving birth to these children and holding them in the close embrace of their families for however much time they have. Mothers and fathers can create memory boxes with mementos of their living child. That’s real choice.

Whether you decide to watch “After Tiller” or not, let PBS know how you feel about the kind of programming they are spending your tax dollars to highlight. Click here to leave a comment for the PBS ombudsman. And tell them you expect to see the Gosnell movie on their station lineup once that film is released.

33 Responses to “Shame on you, PBS”

  1. Shame on you, PBS!! This is an amazing
    disappointment! I won’t be watching or supporting
    PBS if this airs.

  2. prolife4ever says:

    How do I contact pbs? Contact local pbs station? Who does it get addressed to.
    Thank you.

  3. Amanda says:

    I am extremely disappointed PBS would fund/air such a project. I’m disgusted, actually. Abortion is always wrong and always takes a human life. Hearing about this makes me sick.

  4. Rebecca Barnes says:

    I submitted my comment to PBS. Shameful, absolutely shameful.

  5. Jeanne Frey says:


  6. Marie says:

    After glamorizing late term abortion I hope you show the grisley Gosnell movie when it comes out

  7. Susan Neal says:

    Shame on you for ‘humanizing’ a monster who robs innocent children of life.

  8. Rafael says:

    It is outrageous to see how PBS use our tax dollars to air such insane teaching about abortion, abortion of course is the ultimate and biggest tragedy of mankind. I am completely against tax dollar be used for such thing and spread the poison into audience instead to bring the truth to the light, come in, I want Gosnell movie on PBS to do so. People must to be aware of the reality of abortion, its immorality and cruelty and all the blood money of this Industry Of Death.

  9. I left a comment for the PBS ombudsman…. thank you for writing this article…here is what I wrote.

    I Can’t believe, the channel that I grew up with, the only one I paid extra for so that I could show my little ones the awesome childrens programming that I grew up with is showing the movie “after tiller”. One of the doctor’s on the preview sighs and says, “I can’t retire!” WOW, will someone at PBS PLEASE realize what this woman and the other doctors are doing?!?! So the babies will be put in a world of poverty… put them up for ADOPTION!! There are plenty of couples that would LOVE to adopt your baby and pay for your medical bills!!! Instead of this garbage, show the Gosnell movie when it is released. YOU, yes YOU personally, not PBS will answer to God for your refusal to do everything you can to put a stop to this movie. Who do you care most about what they think about you? God? or your PBS job? Pray about it, it is your decision. I’ll pray for you.

  10. Karen Hebert says:

    How horrible. I couldn’t even read the whole of this article. How could anyone that is a descent human being glorify a movie such as this seems to be? Where is the heart of humanity? I won’t be watching and I’m sicken that this will be presented on PBS.

  11. Linda Cordonnier says:

    Shame, shame on PBS. I am thinking I will never watch or promote PBS ever again. This is disgusting and appalling not to mention that is serves no purpose in a moral society. Do not broadcast this show, “After Tiller” . I will be sharing this with all of my friends and they too will not be viewing or promoting PBS. Shame on you.

  12. Kyle says:

    Since the movie was so unpopular that it couldn’t make any money for theaters, PBS picks it up to help the creators recoup their expenses; and they are using our taxpayer money to do this. That’s what this is about, PBS pushing the liberal agenda. There needs to be a boycott against PBS for this, and if politicians had any courage to stand on principle, they would cut PBS’s funding for this. This film promotes death, and in showing it, so does PBS.

  13. Cheyenne Smith says:

    To whom it may concern,

    I am writing to express my tremendous disappointment that PBS would choose to air “After Tiller,” a film which shows the practice of late-term abortion in a sympathetic light. If you’re going to show a film depicting the realities of late-term abortion, may I suggest “Kermit Gosnell: America’s Biggest Serial Killer” or “40” as an addition to your line-up. PBS viewers and supporters are diverse in their political and religious backgrounds and beliefs. By showing an unabashedly pro-choice film, you are pandering to one side’s views over the other. 40 at least explores the perspectives of both sides. You ought to give equal air-time to both sides, or leave the issue off your programming completely. I have always been a supporter of PBS, but I am not interested in funding media that airs programming supporting a practice that I and many others consider the equivalent of infanticide. PBS, if you show this film, especially without showing alternative perspectives alongside it, you have lost my support. Thank you for taking the time to read my comments.

    Cheyenne Smith

  14. Rose Grady says:

    Congratulations PPS in supporting such an evil cause you just undid all the great fundraising work you have been propagating for a long time. Why would you take such a chance as to lose all your Pro-Life supporters??? I hope it was worth it to you. Very poor judgement on your part.

  15. Jan K says:

    My monthly donation to support PBS will be withdrawn if this movie airs. Tiller was a citizen in Wichita KS. And ironically he was shot in a church. I felt sad the day that happens but also felt relieved to know no more babies would be killed at his hands. Justice sometimes comes in surprising ways.

    Come on, PBS members. Let the ombudsman know what you think. PBS members are intelligent. Please, please, please let PBS know how unintelligent this is and preposterous this is. For a public television station to glamorize such barbaric practices makes no sense whatever.

  16. Paula Bongiovanni says:

    How sad and sick that the channel I loved so much for your Sesame Street shows for children now tells about the glory of killing them! Never another penny fir you and I will do all in my power to get you off the air.

  17. Jackie Hale says:

    Mother Teresa asked how we can tell people not to kill one another while we allow mothers to kill their own children. PBS promoted lies. PBS did not present what truly happens to the child or the mother during abortion nor the emotional and physical suffering that ripples out into the world like a tsanimi. You have lost my trust. Goodbye PBS! I will pray!

  18. Jackie Hale says:

    Mother Teresa asked how we could tell people not to kill one another while we allow mothers to kill their own children. PBS promoted lies. PBS did not present what truly happens to the child or the mother during abortion or the emotional and physical suffering that ripples out into the world like a tsunami. You have lost my trust. Goodbye PBS! I will pray!

  19. prolife4ever says:

    Why? I don’t understand. Can it be true that my go to television station because they show moral programming is now a sell out and supports abortion? It is an epic fail and disappointment. So sad to see a station that brings us the arts, quality children’s programming and other wholesome shows is now participating in tearing the moral fabric of our country.

  20. Eva says:

    As a long time supporter for PBS, I say should you condone this by airing it, I will NEVER support PBS again.

  21. Cekeste Tanodra says:

    PBS I Do Not Approve Of Airing Tiller The Killer… U Might Not Think So But I Assure U That Our Lord Knows & See’s All… This Will Be Recorded In The Book Of Life & Each & Every-1 WILL Be Held Accountable… May God Have Mercy On Ur Souls…

  22. Marta says:

    SHAME on you PBS for BETRAYING the trust children,parents and devoted financial supporters had in your station! Some evil organization must be paying you a pretty penny to air a show supporting the Killing of children. You still have time to do the right thing and stop the airing of this abomination .We all pray that you do!

  23. Ed Harpring says:

    “Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter.”Isaiah 5:20.
    Yes – we have arrived at a new low in our times, when a tax-supported broadcasting company not only glorifies the horror of abortion, but the most inhumane type of abortion – partial birth abortion – where a full term baby is killed in a unspeakable barbaric manner. As Cardinal Wuerl spoke recently about the atrocities of inhumanity that are on the rise, “How is it possible that in human history atrocities occur? They occur for two reasons. Because there are those prepared to commit them and there are those who remain silent.” It is time for people of faith to speak out against the culture of death and take a firm stand for life.

  24. meljoesr says:

    It’s tragic that position has become so political and socially based. I grew up on sesame street and am a former supporter, but lost interest when I realized the programming is so agenda driven without any balance towards traditional ideology. Only veiled progressive agenda mixed in with enough art and science to keep the high minded attached. That would be fine if they didn’t do it on the public dole. Sad. So much potential. There is such a need for public broadcasting. If PBS could only see clearly enough to serve all of America not just the left. It is the hypocrisy that drove me away years ago. This story that does not show the horror of these procedures in the context of human life of a viable baby is just part of a culture that doesn’t value life. It is this callous mindset that contributes to the larger cultural struggle with violence, yet PBS would not accept that notion. Very hypocritical.

  25. Carmen Benavidez says:

    Shame on you PBS.!!!!!!! Very disappointed.

  26. Valeri Escobedo says:

    I am appalled that this was even produced. How can the same people who show such wonderful family shows consider this. I will no longer support you. This is completely outrageous. This is so sad for me as a long time supporter.

  27. Timothy Brennan says:

    I am embarrassed and ashamed for PBS, whom I previously have held in high regard, after having veiwed “After Tiller”. This was a travesty of public trust in broadcasting and demonstarted a sincere loss of standards! Where is your moral center?

    This was neither in the public interest nor acceptable airing of opposing views but an outright propaganda film for abortion in the destruction viable children in the womb and in praise of dispicable persons who are brutal practicioners of death.

    Labor Day Holiday programming in celebration of late term abortion is not compatable with quality children or adult audiences. Furthermore, it adds to the moral decay I see in Society/Culture and in recent PBS lowering of standards. Is PBS now part of the problems in the world?

    You have lost my support.
    Sincerely, Timothy Brennan

  28. Michael Henderson says:

    I am astonished that PBS would compromise its morals after providing quality programming for so long. KIDS watch PBS. What were you thinking CEO to even consider showing these horrific MURDERERS. Huge FAIL!!

  29. chris says:

    WOW, PBS, I can’t believe you would air such a show. I enjoy watching your shows, very educational and entertaining. But, to show such an offensive show is appalling. As a devout Roman Catholic, I can only pray you would have remorse and never air such offensive matter in the future. All life is precious from conception to natural death.

  30. Allison Robinson says:

    Shame on you PBS! No words to describe the horror!

  31. Charlene says:

    I was very outraged about ISIS’ beheading & the news media’s outrage over the be headings, & rightly so, but it suddenly occurred to me where is the outrage about doctors performing late term abortions & snipping the spinal cords below the skull if the baby is still alive, essentially beheading them!!! This is accepted behavior in this country & we think we are so superior to the barbarians beheading people in the Middle East! I wish the media would report on this & make people in the West to think differently about abortion.

    Thank you for all you do for life.
    Love & May God Bless you, Charlene

  32. Lucy Meseha says:

    Thank you Janet! You are absolutely correct. And after the “Gosnell” movie how about “Blood Money: Truth of Abortion Industry”,?! I’ve been trying to get my own public screening copy to show on my local cable co. public access channel.
    Ask yourself how many children do we see these days in the public sphere that have these disabilities; Down’s syndrome, cystic fibrosis, cerebral palsy, spina bifida or other genetic abnormalities? Not as many of these children as in years past? Why is that? Because they’re now mostly being forcible aborted by the medical community by putting a health mandate to reduce their numbers and that’s done through fear tactics and giving an incomplete lack of information and not comprehensive fully informed consent. This is not good healthcare, Obama and other liberal pro-aborts! Really, seriously we have to ask ourselves are we any better than before holistic healthcare like, Hospice- an organization giving more respect/dignity and care with compassion for those experiencing death and dying. We need to have that same approach to every life stage in from Conception to Natural Death! What a shame that through our own vulnerability as humans in our own misery of suffering which can be manipulated by the evil one for committing sin/vice rather than holiness/virtue. Help us Oh Lord, for we still know not what we do!

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