Women of Silent No More Regret Their Abortions; Ask them why

Close to 10,000 women and men have registered their abortion regret on the Silent No More Awareness Campaign website. More than 1,637 have written or videotaped their stories. Since campaign members started attending the March for Life in 2003, hundreds have spoken in front of the U.S. Supreme Court building to share the vital message that abortion is a bad choice.

But when a health writer for the Associated Press in Chicago was looking for women to discuss their abortion experiences, she couldn’t find any.  Ultimately she did find her way to www.afterabortion.com, a site that describes itself as neutral on the abortion issue, and convinced four women to tell their stories anonymously. All of them said abortion was the right choice for them. One of them called herself a pro-choice Catholic. One had a brain tumor. One was coerced by the baby’s father. One, whose mother decided against aborting, had a child whose serious illness caused a stillbirth. But she had a P.S.: She lives in South Dakota, where abortion restrictions are the toughest in the country. Here’s a link to the full AP story: http://cbsn.ws/PMxU9k

I’m not suggesting the reporter fabricated these interviews, but certainly she chose only stories that highlighted the pro-choice side. For instance:

*She reports, quoting an unspecified statistic, that only 2 percent of abortions lead to obstetric infections. She did not report on the death of 24-year-old Tonya Reaves in Chicago this past summer, killed by a botched abortion at Planned Parenthood.  Read about that here: http://bit.ly/RHYM4H

*She quotes only women who said they had to choose abortion because there was no other way. She did not write about the mother of 20-week twin girls who decided to abort in Orlando this summer because she already had two girls at home and didn’t want more. Silent No More’s Kelly Clinger describes that here: http://bit.ly/MU6qNS

*She spoke to a woman who said the baby daddy didn’t want the baby. She did not mention that coercion is a frequent cause of abortion. It’s illegal, but it happens every day. And when a woman stands her ground, she can be killed like Cherica Adams was in 1999, when she refused to abort the son she conceived with then-Carolina Panthers receiver Rae Carruth. You can read that incredible story here: http://bit.ly/QC2JJH

Had the reporter found her way to Silent No More, she might have found Kelly Stauffer’s story of being forced by her parents to have a late-term abortion at the age of 14. Or Jacquie Stahlnaker’s story of being driven to the abortion clinic by a man who said he would kill her if she didn’t abort. Women are forced into aborting every day. You want to talk about a war against women? Let’s start here.

The premise of the AP story was to dispel what the reporter said was a pervasive attitude about the types of women who have abortions. She didn’t say who hold this pervasive attitude, but I can guarantee it’s not the pro-life movement. We know that women from all walks of life, all faiths, all economic strata and all ages find themselves facing unplanned pregnancies. Thanks to the courage of thousands of these women, we know what led them to choose abortion, and how it has impacted their lives ever since. Please read their stories at www.silentnomoreawareness.org and decide for yourself if abortion is ever the right choice.

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