Fall 2013 - Episode 12: Grey is the Devil’s Favorite Color
Highlighted Saints
St Margaret of Cortona

Feast Day is Feb 22nd

Penitent: Margaret was born into a poor farm family at Laviano, Italy, around 1274. Her mother died when she was seven, her stepmother mistreated her, and soon enough she left her father’s home to live with a nobleman named Arsenio. But Arsenio was mysteriously murdered – his dog returned home alone and pulled on Margaret’s dress and then led her to Arsentio’s dead body. In vain she begged to be allowed back into her father’s home and instead was taken into the home of two pious women. Not long after that she began her life of penitence as a Franciscan tertiary. She died in 1297. Her cult spread immediately in the diocese of Cortona, but her canonization came only in 1728.

In art she appears in a Franciscan habit, often with a small dog and the symbols of the penitent.

Protector: Penitent women

Name: Margaret is of Greek origin and means “pearl”.

St Maria Goretti Feast Day is July 6th

Maria was born in 1890 in a poor family at Corinaldo, Italy. When her father died, 10 year old Maria took care of her brothers. Pestered by the advances of a young neighbor, she resisted him, even when he threatened her. He finally stabbed her and she died maintaining intact her virginity. She was canonized in 1950.

Protector of young women.

Maria means beloved.
Janet's Homework Assignment
1) Look at chastity websites like www.chastity.com that have information on pornography.
2) Read the Catechism of the Catholic Church
3) Do a Media check, are you watching things that lead to pornograghy

Extreme Makeover
Extreme Makeover by Teresa Tomeo

Teresa Tomeo pulls together the latest research on social behavior and trends to demonstrate that women are harming themselves and their chances for true happiness by adopting the thoroughly modern, sexually liberated lifestyle portrayed in magazines and movies. Packed with not only persuasive statistics but also powerful personal testimonies, Extreme Makeover shows that it is not the slogans of the sexual revolution and the women’s liberation movement that free and dignify women, but the beautiful teachings of the Catholic Church.

Recall Abortion: Ending the Abortion Industry's Exploitation of Women

by Janet Morana

Janet Morana exposes the myriad ways abortion exploits women, and calls for a National recall of this deadly procedure.

Sign the petition to recall abortion.
The Kitchen Madonna The Kitchen Madonna:
Patroness of The Catholic View for Women

Mary was not only Jesus' Mother, but also a housewife. Her utensils are earthly and heavenly symbols. The key represents the safety in the house and also the way into heaven. The kettle symbolizes nourishment for body and soul. The broom represents cleanliness in the home and in thoughts and deeds. 
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The Magnificat

Magnificat is a lavishly printed, easy-to-read pocket-sized worship aid, of more than 400 pages.

Magnificat can be used to follow the daily Mass and can also be read at home for personal or family prayer.
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Consider praying the Divine Office on a daily basis. 
The Divine Office provides psalms and prayers to be prayed at different times of the day. 
See www.divineoffice.org.