Fall 2018 - Episode 8: Letters from Our Leaders: Encouraging Catholics to Listen to Voices of Our Shepherds
Often Catholics complain that some Bishops or Priests don’t do enough or teach enough when it comes to spreading the faith. However, these same Catholics are unaware of how often our leaders are writing and teaching along with issuing profound documents that can help us put our faith into practice. In this episode we will look at some of the letters from our leaders that have been released.
Janet's Homework Assignment:

1) Read one or more of the Bishop’s letters we mentioned:

a) The Splendor of Love by Archbishop Samuel Aquila, Denver

b) Pastoral Letter on Human Dignity and Sanctity of Life issued on Ash Wednesday by the Bishops of Alaska, Juneau, Fairbanks and Anchorage: Living In The Image and Likeness of God: Human Dignity and Divine Designs.

c) Bought With A Price by Bishop Bishop Paul Loverde, Bishop of Arlington

2) Share quotes from these letter on your FB page and ask your friends what they think. Be prepared to defend your faith!

3) Go to your Diocesan website and look to see the things your Bishop has written. Do this on a regular basis!

4) Go to www.TheCatholicViewForWomen.com for more information and sign up for our eletter.

5) Like The Catholic View For Women on Facebook


Extreme Makeover
Beyond Sunday: Becoming a 24/7 Catholic

by Teresa Tomeo

Countless Catholics settle for a faith that doesn't go farther than the Sunday Mass. While essential, dedicating one hour of our lives to Sunday Mass alone won't satisfy our deep longing for more. In order to grow in relationship with God and find purpose and meaning, we must integrate our faith into our lives daily. Available May 2018.

Shockwaves: Abortion’s Wider Circle of Victims

by Janet Morana

Shockwaves shines a bright light on the undeniable truth of abortion, that it impacts everyone – not only the mothers and fathers who lose their own children to abortion, but also the grandparents, siblings, extended families, religious and ethnic communities, pro-life advocates and even the abortion providers themselves. With 60 million legal abortions since 1973, there is no segment of our nation that remains untouched.

Extreme Makeover Beyond Me, My Selfie, and I: Finding Real Happiness in a Self-Absorbed World

by Teresa Tomeo

Teresa Tomeo presents a fascinating expose of the "Selfie Syndrome", and explains why our cultural love affair with social media ultimately leaves so many of us feeling depleted and alone.
Recall Abortion: Ending the Abortion Industry's Exploitation of Women

by Janet Morana

Janet Morana exposes the myriad ways abortion exploits women, and calls for a National recall of this deadly procedure.  Published by Saint Benedict Press.

Sign the petition to recall abortion.
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The Magnificat

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Consider praying the Divine Office on a daily basis. 
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See www.divineoffice.org.