Who stood up for pregnant Chinese teacher? Not Planned Parenthood!




Those who champion a woman’s “right to choose” should be up in arms about a school teacher in China who had been warned she would lose her job if she didn’t abort her child. Qin Yi is five months pregnant with her second child.

Surely the International Planned Parenthood Federation, which works closely with the Chinese Family Planning Association, would have tried to intervene in – or least comment on – this gross injustice. But there was no indication from the IPPF website that the life of Qin’s baby was even worth noting.

Perhaps the White House, where the resident-in-chief is a staunch supporter of “choice,” got his diplomats in China working to save this couple and their wanted child. But again, we can’t know if this family’s plight was even on President Obama’s radar. Even worse, the United States government might have abetted this macabre scenario.

Last year, Congressman Chris Smith (R-NJ)accused the Obama administration of breaking U.S. laws and aiding China’s forced abortion policies.

According to Smith, who cited the Catholic Family and Human Rights Institute, Obama has given $227 million to a United Nations agency that facilitates the one-child policy, and visas to Chinese officials with ties to brutal acts of forced abortions.

The U.S. prohibits federal funds from flowing to organizations involved in China’s forced abortion and sterilization policies, or allowing foreigners directly involved in its enforcement into the U.S. But Smith says only a handful of abusers have been denied visas.

The Associated Press reported this week that Qin was granted permission to have a child with her husband, Meng Shaoping, in her hometown, even though each of them has a daughter from their previous marriages. But she subsequently was ordered to have an abortion by the end of the month because the province where she is teaching has different rules.

LifeSite News reported Thursday that the couple will now be allowed to have their baby. Thank God! But the circumstances that led to this near-tragedy have not changed.

In late 2013, China eased up on its one-child only policy that, in 34 years not only eliminated siblings in the world’s most populous country but also left the region’s boy-to-girl ratio so lopsided that many Chinese men will never be able to marry. According to a recent report, China was home to 33 million more men than women in 2014.

When the policy change was announced in Beijing, IPPF gushed that it was “an important step towards realising reproductive health and rights for all its citizens” – although not for the hundreds of millions of citizens who had already been deprived of their right to life.

As both Congressman Smith and Reggie Littlejohn, president of Women’s Rights Without Frontiers, have pointed out, the easing of the one-child restriction in some areas of China does not mean forced abortion has been relegated to the past.

“The core of the problem is not whether the government is allowing one child or two children,” Ms. Littlejohn told World Net Daily in February. “The government is still telling how many children people can have and is enforcing that limit with coerced abortions. And it’s not clear to me that there are fewer abortions. Women and babies still are dying.”

Women and babies are still dying in China while the United States looks the other way. But I suppose we shouldn’t be surprised: Women and babies are still dying right here at home.

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  1. Betty says:

    over 63 million babies have been killed in USA… Not suprised they dont care about women and children in China!!!

  2. Carla Clark says:

    Oh, sob, boohoo. When YOUR political allies try to cut funding to programs that would actually help women in the Western World (such as WIC, TANF, SNAP and other social programs) and abroad , the responsibility is on YOU for denying access to critical services, such *as* that which Planned Parenthood WOULD provide. Which provides *more* than abortion. But your political allies CONSISTENTLY deny western women, let ALONE women in poor Asian countries, access to contraceptives that would eliminate the need for unwanted pregnancies, *in the first place*. Infanticide often happens in countries where women are denied access to abortion, which happens where women are not seen as equal. What do *you* do to protect girls like that? That is, other than providing a misogynistic solution to a misogyny problem? We are not ‘pro-aborts’, BTW. We are not anti-choice like you. And I don’t appreciate being lumped in with your movement. Kthxbainow.

    • Tom Teutsch says:

      Carla – Forced abortion is a tragedy. Despite your apparent desire to offend, your position, making light of this woman’s tragedy, or the concern expressed by others is a very sad commentary on you. Before you assume a self-righteous pose as a “women’s advocate”, citing the supposed benefits of Planned Parenthood whose for-profit business IS ABORTION, you would do well to inform yourself by reading Margaret Sanger’s works such as the “Pivot of Civilization”. Ms. Sanger was inhuman in her systematic classification of people different than her (race, culture, education level, religion), and her attempts to eradicate such people groups through eugenics and ultimately through abortion. No one in the United States denies Western women, or those in poor Asian countries ‘access to contraceptives’ as you claim. Furthermore, it is people of faith, especially those based in the United States who are risking their own lives, their own money, and their own time to rescue women and young girls from sex trafficking, exploitation, forced abortion, and institutionalized abduction, rape, and torture, found in Sharia-law cultures. Planned Parenthood, its international organization, and the National Organization for Women, on the other hand, do very little substantively to speak to or address any of these issues. It is very easy to pretend you are a “women’s advocate” in the West – it is another thing altogether to do something about it.

  3. Mary Pace says:

    To President Obama:
    Do not support China’s forced abortion program or their limits on the number of children a couple may have.

  4. Nancy Tanner Givans says:

    Thanks for bringing this story to the light. So many have no idea how women and children continue to be harmed by abortion world wide and how strong a footprint our government’s funding has on perpetuating the damage to lives of so many.

  5. mary atkinson says:

    Obama’s administration is appallingly and corruptly pro-abortion. It’s my opinion that if Michelle Obama had the conviction and grace required for her to support pro-life, then Obama would not be pushing abortion. I think she has such an influence in family matters on Obama that he puts her opinion before Democrat opinion. Michelle knows she is influential. A thunderbolt conversion for her would benefit all of America.

    China is unlikely, apart from atheistic notions, to fear the West about abortion when the West practises abortion.

    Singapore, instituted by Lee Kuan Yew, refuses to pay for public education and health care for more than 2 children per family. Lee’s line was that two is enough. This attitude is only a rung below China’s. But again, the West’s pursuit of contraception makes for little difference in practice between Lee’s line and family attitudes in western nations.

  6. heidi says:

    Man, it really sucks to be her right now. But if we’re going to talk about the right to choose, we should also talk about that 10-year-old who is being forced to carry a fetus to term after being raped and all the women who are having children that they aren’t ready to raise because they don’t have access to contraceptives.

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